Bescan ties at home and escapes the train climb to Primera Catalana

Bescan ties at home and escapes the train climb to Primera Catalana

The Bescanó closes the 2018-19 season in the most cruel way you could imagine. After leading the group 1 of Segona Catalana and seeing how the championship was escaped the last day with a defeat against Porqueres (3-2) – which gave the green light to L'Escala to ascend to Primera Catalana-, the Bescanonins have stayed behind for promotion in the promotion against Martorell. And with the draw without goals in the first leg, everything had to be decided yesterday. By keeping the scoreboard in zero during the ninety minutes, the game went to prorogation. The visitors advanced, but the men of Toni Diaz pushed to tie with a target of Roca. They even had the goal of victory in the last minute.
The Bescanó was 90 minutes from the glory and, therefore, it was convinced to know it. Those of Díaz pressed the start, forcing goalkeeper Toni Domínguez to quit. Following the script of the first leg, both teams showed themselves to be very competitive and played the game equally. No one managed to translate the chances of scoring to the scoreboard, the goal was scored at zero. It would take 30 minutes of extension.
Despite the physical wear, the players insisted. Martorell went ahead with a goal from Abder in the first part of the overtime, that Roca would equal in the absence of only 10 minutes. Those of Diaz constantly attacked Dominguez's goal, a key to frustrating the rise of locals.

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