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Beware of Liver Cancer, Recognize the Symptoms and How to Prevent It

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Merdeka.com – Liver cancer is caused by various factors. It’s not just excessive alcohol consumption. It could be due to the accumulation of fat accumulation in the liver which is closely related to obesity and diabetes.

Hepatitis B and C can also be a major cause of liver cancer. Many patients die because of late treatment of liver cancer.

Basically liver cancer is divided into two kinds. Namely primary liver cancer and metastatic liver cancer.

Primary liver cancer is cancer that occurs from normal liver cells turning into abnormal cells. While metastatic liver cancer is liver cancer that originates from the spread of cancer from other organs. For example, colon, lung or breast. The most common primary liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

Data from the Global Cancer Observatory (Globocan) 2020 noted that liver cancer is one of the four most common causes of cancer death in Indonesia.

The majority of patients with primary liver cancer in the world have chronic liver disease. Like liver cirrhosis, which is the formation of scar tissue in the liver due to chronic disease.

Doctor Hendra Nurjadin, Consultant Gastroenterology-Hepatology Specialist, Mayapada Hospital Tangerang explained, liver cirrhosis is not only caused by excessive alcohol consumption, in many cases cirrhosis is found to be caused by liver disease that is not related to alcohol or called Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH).

Namely, the accumulation of fat in the liver, which is associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

“Hepatitis B and C infections that often occur in Indonesia are also the cause of many liver cirrhosis which can increase the risk of liver cancer cases. Actually, hepatitis B can be prevented by vaccination and hepatitis C can be easily treated, it only takes 3 months with drugs. new anti-virus drugs,” said Hendra, quoted from Antara, Tuesday (22/3).

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The Importance of Early Detection

Like other cancer cases, being diagnosed early is the key to treating liver cancer. The choice of liver cancer therapy depends on the stage of liver cancer.

The smaller the tumor size and the lower the stage of cancer, as well as liver function and good health condition, the liver cancer can be operated on.

In Indonesia, many patients come late for treatment for liver cancer. Because in addition to not doing regular medical check-ups, patients also often come late because they suspect that they only complain of heartburn and treat it by only undergoing ulcer treatment.

“After the disease becomes severe and the complaints become more pronounced, such as abdominal pain, enlarged abdomen, easy bruising and bleeding, yellowing of the skin and eyes, and unexplained weight loss, then the patient comes, even though the patient comes in an advanced stage. ” said Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Rani, Internal Medicine Specialist Consultant Gastroenterology-Hepatology, Mayapada Hospital Jakarta South.

Similarly, Doctor Kaka Renaldi, Gastroenterology-Hepatology Consultant Internal Medicine Specialist, Mayapada Hospital Kuningan said, early detection can be done by carrying out routine health checks, including hepatitis tests, routine liver ultrasound examinations and liver function blood tests including tumor markers AFP (Alfa Feto Protein). ).

“And for someone who already has hepatitis B and C and has abnormal liver function, it is important to undergo regular monitoring at least every six months,” he explained.

Cancer has various treatments based on the type of cancer, and also for each person. Including the treatment of liver cancer.

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How to prevent it

There is a therapy that works for one person, but the same therapy may fail for another.

For this reason, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of the condition of each patient from various points of view, so that liver cancer treatment can be tailored to individual needs or tailored cancer treatment.

To reduce the risk of liver cancer, start by maintaining a healthy and ideal body weight. Get vaccinated against Hepatitis B, get tested for Hepatitis C.

Don’t smoke, or quit immediately if you do. Avoid drinking too much alcohol. And don’t forget to do regular health checks, said dr. Dion Ade Putra, Consultant Surgeon Digestive Surgery Mayapada Hospital Tangerang.


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