Boeings Max can return to the air this year, according to the regulator they are safe

Airlines around the world had to ground 737 Max aircraft last year due to two accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia, which claimed a total of 346 lives. Until then, it was the best-selling model of Boeing.

The software of the MCAS stabilization system played a key role in accidents. The automatic system repeatedly sent the machine down sharply due to a faulty sensor, and the crew was unable to maintain control of the aircraft.

EASA tested the aircraft in September, and is now studying the manufacturer’s accompanying documentation. This will be followed by a four-week comment procedure. If the agency subsequently finds out that everything is fine, the first maxes in Europe could return to the air before New Year’s Eve.

It will take a little longer to commission the larger version 737 Max 10. Here the controller requires the addition of a so-called synthetic sensor, which will require software modifications. These will last 20 to 24 months.

According to Ky, other versions of Max will do without this step for the time being, however, they should undergo the same software modification later as well. “The level of security is high enough for us. We just debated with Boeing that by adding another sensor, we could achieve an even higher level of security, “said Ky.

In August, Boeing managed to win the first order for the 737 Max this year. The Polish airline Enter Air has ordered two aircraft with an option for two more.

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