Boissy-Saint-Léger: the hell of the residents a week after the shooting


"A shot Saturday night"; "Fear of retaliation and a lost bullet"; "repeated police checks"; "A very tense atmosphere between young people and the police". This Sunday morning, a week after the shooting between rival clans, May 5, they were several inhabitants of Haie-Griselle ready to describe, on condition of anonymity, "the climate of violence and insecurity, growing in the neighborhood ".

Evidence of the strong tensions shaking the neighborhood: the day before, four young men, including a minor, were placed on guard.

They are accused of throwing projectiles at a police car near the police station. The situation is explosive. On the night of the arrests, the security forces "fired on the defensive balloon launcher (LBD) to repel the attackers," according to a police source, before being joined by teams from the anti-crime squad (LAC). .

CRS were also asked Friday to secure the place, since since the security forces have seized large arms in the city and arrested the "boss of the halls", suspected of holding drug trafficking, the officials are targeted.


On Wednesday and Thursday evening, explosive cocktails were thrown into the precinct. Friday, shortly after midnight, three police officers were intoxicated after the throwing of three bottles filled with acid. They were conducted in the aftermath to the medico-judicial unit of Créteil but were not supported by the duty doctor who would have felt that the injury was not serious enough. This annoyed even more officials and even the prosecutor who, suddenly, went Friday afternoon at the police station Boissy to support the police.

"We heard the excited young people come back to the neighborhood screaming, it becomes infernal," describes a resident.

Why these attacks in the direction of the police? "This is retaliation," said Valérie Martineau, newly appointed director of public security in the Paris area after more than a year and a half as patron of police in the Val-de-Marne. The work we are doing disturbs the thugs of La Haie-Griselle. But we will intensify our action to reassure the inhabitants. Departmental security was seized.

Last Saturday, nearly 140 people took part in a march for safety. A petition has even been launched by the municipality. Tuesday, the prefect of Val-de-Marne had gone to the neighborhood. Twenty policemen were there to secure the move. They were in civilian clothes. As for the mayor (PS) Régis Charbonnier, he denounces a form of "psychosis among the inhabitants" and recalls that "additional staff of police are reinforcing the neighborhood."


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