Boris Johnson, favorite to succeed Theresa May, "does not aim for a Brexit without agreement"


London – Boris Johnson on Wednesday launched his official campaign to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May in stating not to "aim for a Brexit without an agreement," even though he is ready to opt "as a last resort" for this brutal exit. European Union.

"I am not aiming for an exit without agreement. I do not think it will end like that but he is responsible for preparing with determination"such a scenario, said the former foreign minister in London.

If he is chosen as head of the Tories and becomes Prime Minister, Boris Johnson intends to renegotiate the agreement reached in November between Brussels and Theresa May.

She resigned Friday as head of the Conservative Party, after failing to implement the Brexit: she asked twice Brussels to postpone the divorce, now set to 31 October, after seeing the Parliament reject by three times his divorce plan.

But Johnson assured that the UK would leave the EU on Oct. 31, renegotiated or not. On Wednesday, however, he eased his position by making "no deal" an issue "of last resort".

He also warned that if he were Prime Minister, he would refuse that the United Kingdom pay the Brexit bill – estimated between 40 and 45 billion by the current government – until the EU agrees to better withdrawal conditions.

The European Commission said Wednesday that London will honor its financial commitments in the case of a Brexit without agreement, one of the "preconditions"at the start of negotiations on a future trade agreement.

On Tuesday, the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker reaffirmed that the divorce agreement can not be renegotiated. "This is not a treaty between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker, it is a treaty between the United Kingdom and the EU, it must be respected by the next British Prime Minister whoever it is"he insisted.

For their part, opposition MPs, backed by conservative politicians, will ask on Wednesday to reserve a niche on the parliamentary agenda to allow them to present, on June 25, a text that could, if it is adopted, prevent the implementation of a Brexit without agreement.

Skillful and charismatic, the former mayor of London is the favorite of conservative grassroots activists, but he is less appreciated by his peers, who blame him for his blunders and a certain dilettantism.

The candidate apologized Wednesday for being offensive, while assuring that he "would continue to speak as frankly as he can".

In addition, the drugs were also invited in the race to power. One of the contenders, Environment Minister Michael Gove, admitted to having used cocaine when he was openly deciding against the use of this drug. Boris Johnson kicked him on Wednesday, without denying it, when a journalist asked him if he had already taken it as he had said in the past to the British magazine GQ.

"I believe this information when I was 19 years old appeared many times and most people in this country want us to focus on this campaign"for the Conservatives' leadership," he replied.


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