Boris Johnson, the Brexit Maker at Downing Street


London – He annoys as much as he seduces: a politician skilled at consuming ambition, Boris Johnson has risen to the height of power by playing the savior card of Brexit and his charisma, to forget his gaffes and excesses.

"Bulldozer Boris"Crashed everything." After flying over the presidential candidate's preselection rounds, the mocking blonde mopped up the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jeremy Hunt, in the final sprint.

The score is without appeal: 66% of the votes of members of the Conservative Party for Boris Johnson.

In a United Kingdom disoriented by the procrastination on Brexit – scheduled for March 29 but postponed to October 31 – Boris Johnson poses as the last resort to resolve the inextricable case that was right Theresa May.

His credo? Voluntarism: it takes "tripe", of "courage"and the"optimism"to succeed the Brexit, proclaims the one who greatly contributed to its adoption in the referendum of June 23, 2016.

His fans praise his going, his "unique personality"(Health Minister Matt Hancock says.) His critics accuse him of daring and opportunism, compared to Donald Trump, who said"well liked"Boris Johnson.

But criticism and controversy never prevented him from moving forward. And at 55, Boris Johnson now touches what he has always aspired.

– Makeover –

For Alexander Boris of Pfeffel Johnson, says "BoJo"dream since youngest to be"King of the worldaccording to her sister Rachel's confidences to her biographer, Andrew Gimson.

Over the course of an elitist education, this eldest of four siblings, born in New York in 1964, has never ceased to assert his dreams of greatness, from the prestigious Eton College to Oxford, where he won the glorious post of president of a debate club.

"No one at (the University of) Oxford doubted he would ever be Prime Minister", says Mr Gimson.

He then began a journalistic career at the Times, which dismissed him just a year later for inventing a quote.

The Daily Telegraph picks him up and sends him to Brussels, where he will officiate from 1989 to 1994. Already with exaggerations and sometimes clutter, Boris Johnson upsets the cover of the European institutions and becomes "the favorite journalistfrom former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

It was also in Brussels that his first marriage, with Allegra Mostyn-Owen, disintegrated and that he reconnected with a childhood friend, Marina Wheeler, with whom he had four children.

The couple split in 2018 and Boris Johnson has been dating Carrie Symonds, a 24-year-old junior communications specialist, to whom he owes a more modern look and a few fewer pounds.

Elected deputy in 2001, Boris Johnson delighted the mayor of London to Labor in 2008 and then acquired an international stature.

With some iconic successes, such as the organization of the Olympic Games. But also failures, like his project of bridge-garden on the Thames, which will have cost tens of millions of pounds without ever seeing the light of day.

– The anti-diplomat –

In 2016, he chose the Brexit camp at the last moment. "I do not think he has an extremely sophisticated opinion about Brexit"Pascal Lamy, the former boss of the World Trade Organization (WTO), who knows the Johnson family, told AFP.The only thing Boris Johnson believes is Boris Johnson".

In the campaign, he plays a decisive role in promising a bright United Kingdom, preserved from a wave of millions of immigrants ready, he said, to submerge the British coasts.

The Brexit voted down, Downing Street seems to extend his arms, but Boris Johnson, betrayed by his best ally Michael Gove who puts himself in the ranks before him, gives up. He harvests Foreign Affairs, Theresa May seeking to give Eurosceptics pledges.

However, the diplomat's suit is hardly compatible with the unpredictable temperament of this man who, in 2007, compared the American politician Hillary Clinton to "sadistic nurse".

In office, he raises more than one eyebrow by saying that Libya could become attractive to tourists if it manages to "get rid of corpses".

More seriously, he is accused of giving a ball to Tehran with untimely statements on the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the Iranian-British national detained in Iran.

After carefully soaping the board of Theresa May by openly criticizing her directions on Brexit, it finally slams the door of the government in July 2018. It was to better return.


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