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Burger King presents a gaming chair whose particularity will appeal to Whooper fans

A fan of well-thought-out advertising campaigns, Burger King continues its rise in gaming. Shortly before the release of the PlayStation 5, the American fast-food franchise notably unveiled in preview the start-up sound of the console. But recently, the Whooper brand has created a new kind of gaming chair.

an armchair for whooper lovers

Burger King has developed a unique gaming chair dedicated to Whooper fans. Flocked Burger King, obviously, it presents itself as capable of improving the gaming experience. Its particularity? It allows you to eat without having to get up from your chair. Folding tray, glass rest, but above all “Burger King” button, this armchair is the perfect outfit for the ultimate gamer, the one who no longer even needs to get up to be satisfied. By pressing the said button, you will automatically place an order at your nearest Burger King restaurant.

Its strength doesn’t stop there since you won’t even have to look away from your screen to know when your order will arrive. To give you the best possible information, the vibrating cushions of the armchair warn you when your burger is near. Optimized at best for the small needs of the posterior that sits above it, the chair also has massage cushions to ensure that digestion takes place in the best possible conditions.

A perfect armchair for lovers of Whooper who has a catch, however, its stock is limited to a dozen copies only. Only a few streamers and videographers seem to have been selected to take advantage of it. Nevertheless, it is possible to win a copy online, by multiplying the victories in the events displayed by Burger King. It remains to be seen whether the efforts are worth the effort.

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