‘Checho’ Ibarra thought about the few passes to Lapadula in the Peruvian team

One of the main criticisms of the Peruvian team in the defeat against Argentina was the low number of passes it received Gianluca Lapadula during the match. The Benevento forward was singled out by the fans as one of the most determined players.

For Sergio Ibarra, historical scorer of Peruvian football and current television commentator, there are two reasons why ‘Bambino’ has received so little the ball. According to the former footballer, these causes have to do with the will and ability that his teammates may have.

“I was playing 28 years in that position and I think there are two reasons why the ‘9’ (not) can receive passes: one, that there are players who don’t want to give it to you (the ball); and the other is that there are players who do not have the ability to give it to you. That’s what it can be, ”explained ‘Checho’ in Latina. However, he avoided suggesting that the other members of the Bicolor simply ignore the 30-year-old attacker.

Lapadula lined up as a starter against Argentina. Photo: AFP

What I see is that Lapadula Yes they are looking for it, they are looking for it, but there are opportunities in which they do not give it to them because they have made some extra movement. But they do have to look for it more, because it is ‘9’, they have brought it for that, ”added Ibarra.

Carrillo asked for time to improve his game with Lapadula

Meanwhile, some players of the Peruvian team denied that there is a ‘ring’ against Lapadula. André Carrillo, for example, stated that the little understanding seen so far is solely due to the limited time they have had to interact with their new partner.

“You can tell that he is a different player, who is going to help us a lot in this Round. Now we have known him, little by little we are going to understand each other to be able to give him assists and make better games ”, declared the ‘Culebra’ when asked about the matter.

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