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China has introduced the world’s most powerful turbine

In recent years, wind turbine manufacturers have been racing to bring a larger and more powerful turbine to market. These are usually turbines designed for use at sea, where any lack of space or traffic restrictions are not a limiting factor for the size of power plants. The latest addition to the “wind giants” group is a new turbine from a Chinese manufacturer’s workshop, which should reach an output of up to 16 MW.

Increasing the power of wind turbines is one way to reduce the cost of producing electricity from renewable sources. That is why in recent years, several leading manufacturers have introduced their new models, which with their height playfully surpass buildings such as the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and the Washington Monument.

Examples are the Haliade-X turbine (12 MW) from GE Renewable Energy or the SG 14-222 DD (14 MW) from Siemens Games. In the case of the former type, a prototype is already available, which is located on the mainland near the coast of the port of Rotterdam for testing purposes.

The Chinese model MingYang Smart Energy is now also coming up with a new model, introducing the MySE 16.0-242 turbine with an installed capacity of 16 MW, which according to the company can produce up to 80 GWh of electricity per year. With regard to the length of the individual blades of 118 meters, the rotor diameter should reach 242 meters.

A reduced gondola weighing 37 tons per 1 MW of power, ie less than 600 tons for this type of turbine, should also enable cost reductions. Turbines should withstand a typhoon wind.

According to the manufacturer, the turbine has already been certified by the Chinese authorities, the first prototype should be available within the next year. The prototype should be installed in the first half of 2023, with commercial operations scheduled to begin in the first half of 2024.

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