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Coffin knocked out, body still open eyes when lid open

LIMA, KOMPAS.com – A woman’s funeral in Peru was stopped when she began knocking on the lid of the coffin to say she was still alive.

The shocking incident left the family, who carried the coffin of Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca (36), surprised.

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They open it and find the woman with open eyes watching them.

Rosa and her coffin then ran into an open truck at Ferrenafe Referral Hospital, where she was quickly plugged into a life support vehicle.

Doubtful doctors confirmed that he had vital signs – although very low.

His condition improved slightly with the help of a support device, giving hope that a miracle would happen.

However, Rosa’s condition deteriorated rapidly and she died a few hours later.

Funeral attendant Juan Segundo Cajo said: “(He) opened his eyes and was sweating. I immediately went to my office and called the police. “

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Reported from Daily Mail On Tuesday (3/5/2022), a video was taken shortly after the amazing discovery showed a police team carrying the coffin in the crowd in an open truck.

The video is then cut off by the medical team standing on top of the open coffin, and Rosa’s unconscious at their feet.

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