For some it takes longer, for others it is very quick: sooner or later, anyone who stays at home because of the corona virus or is even in quarantine may fall on the ceiling. Not being allowed to go out, having to do without many leisure activities, maintaining only an absolute minimum of direct social contacts and being in a confined space with the same people over a long period of time is a completely new situation and a major challenge for most.

In some professions, however, that is part of everyday life – for example as a sailor on a submarine: the crew there always has little freedom of movement, sees no other people and can hardly avoid each other. Most submarines are also likely to be significantly cramped than the apartments where people spend most of their time protecting against the corona virus. So if someone has tips for the time of social isolation, then someone with submarine experience. Jon Bailey, a former member of the British Royal Navy, has been on several submarine missions and shared his experiences on Twitter.

A fixed daily routine is crucial

In total, Bailey has seven tips for everyone who – as he puts it – is now on a “Covid 19 patrol”. First of all, the Brit advises to create routines for the day. He emphasizes the importance of a regular daily routine: “Split your day into work (if you work from home), breaks, sports, meals, hobbies etc.”

Second: privacy. It is often difficult to find on the high seas – if you and your family are now sitting around the clock in an apartment that is too small, you can understand that. Bailey advises you to include a fixed time for yourself in your daily routine by doing an activity that is good for you. All members of the household should have this time for themselves.

Third: food. “The food on board was mostly good and broke the monotony,” recalls Bailey. One should take the time to prepare meals. And more than ever, pay attention to a balanced diet to keep the pounds under control.

20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day

Fourth, Bailey advises exercising “at least 20 to 30 minutes” every day. The gym is no longer an option, but many exercises can also be done at home – for example with YouTube tutorials. Sport is a natural antidepressant, provides variety and health, Bailey writes.

You should also pay attention to cleanliness. It is easier for some and more difficult for others. But it is very likely that the apartment will get dirty faster if you stay in it longer than usual. Bailey says: “Take a time to clean your day and stick to it.”

Sixth, Bailey emphasizes the importance of maintaining contacts. Although this is not physically advisable at the moment, thanks to the many digital possibilities there is no reason to forego social interaction. It’s even easier with Skype or phone than from a submarine.

As a seventh and final tip, Bailey points out not to lose perspective: “Like all patrols, this will also end.” It is important to look ahead: “Concentrate on the little things that give you pleasure and make plans for the future.”

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