Coronavirus. Does Glaxo own Pfizer and the Wuhan lab? No! The usual conspiracy theories

How long has there been talk of the vaccine Covid19 of the Pfizer, of which today it is believed it can have 95% efficacy (more 0.5 than that announced by Moderna), conspiracy theorists are striving to find forced ties to demonstrate the phantom world conspiracy behind it rush to the vaccine and the origin of the virus. On November 12, 2020 the user Francesca I. public un post Facebook containing a quoted text, attributed to a certain “Giuseppe Renda”, in which it is claimed that the laboratorio in Wuhan both owned by Glaxo, that the latter owns Pfizer, which is concluding the trial on the vaccine against Covid19, and more.

There is also Soros in the text, but it is missing Bill Gates (remembered by others). We know they are false, at the moment this is the longest-running post and it is not possible to say with certainty that it was invented by the user Francesca, who may have copied it elsewhere to relaunch it superficially as many others have done.

For those in a hurry

  • This is the umpteenth chain of Sant’Antonio signed by an unknown.
  • The Wuhan laboratory is not owned by Glaxo, but by the Chinese government;
  • Glaxo does not own Pfizer, they are two distinct companies;
  • Glaxo and Pfizer have entered into a joint venture, but remain competitors;
  • A bond is made with Soros through Blackrock, which is not Soros’s.

The text is a curious detail

Here is the text of the post:

“The Chinese laboratory is actually owned by Glaxo, which happens to be the owner of Pfizer, which happens to have Black Rock manage its interests, which also happens to manage the interests of the Open Foundation Society (Soros), which looks case manages the interests of the French Axa, which happens to have built the Chinese laboratory through the (German) Winthertour, which coincidentally controls the central banks, which happens to be the main shareholder of both Unipol and MPS, which happens to be Renzi’s major financier, who happens to have a foundation called Open, and as it happens, Grillo’s offices are located in Soros’ building in London. If it is not clear I continue, on why this virus was generated “Giuseppe Renda

It is strange not to find a user named “Giuseppe Renda” who wrote and signed the text. Looking online I find a person with the same name who works at Pfizer Italy, most likely a namesake or a victim of misuse of her name to support and give credibility to the Facebook post hoax.

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Is the Wuhan laboratory from Glaxo? No!

No! The construction of the the P4 bio-lab laboratory in Wuhan was approved in 2003 by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), designed and built with the help of International Center for Infectious Disease Research (CIRI) of the French Government. Completed the work in 2014, China inaugurates its first P4 laboratory which remains under the control of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The British GlaxoSmithKline (Glaxo) does not own the institute and the laboratory which from the beginning has been under the control of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASE).

Is Glaxo the owner of Pfizer? No!

No! Pfizer is a public company and as such the percentages are public. We can see them from the site and verify that Glaxo is not present among the main shareholders: Vanguard Group Inc (8.05%), BlackRock, Inc. (7.72%), State Street Corporation (5.25), Wellington Management Company LLP (3, 16%) and others.

What we do know is that in 2019 Glaxo and Pfizer have materialized one joint venture, i.e. a temporary agreement to collaborate on a common project. What is it about? We read it on the site of

The Pfizer pharmaceutical group and the British company GlaxoSmithKline-Gsk have announced the creation of an over-the-counter and parapharmacy joint venture called Gsk Consumer Healthcare. The joint venture is 68% controlled by the British group and the remaining 32% by Pfizer. The new company will include well-known brands and over-the-counter products such as the anti-inflammatory Voltaren, Panadol and Advil pain relievers, Sensodyne toothpaste and Centrum vitamin treatments.

This is an agreement, already known to the public in 2018, to operate in the over-the-counter and consumer products segment in pharmacies. Glaxo does not appear to have bought Pfizer.

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Blackrock e Soros?

The text of the post reads as follows on Pfizer: “which happens to be managing its interests at Black rock, which also happens to manage the interests of the Open Foundation Society (Soros)”. Blackrock Inc. is the largest asset management company in the world and it is not surprising to find it associated with countless clients and others, including Soros. Here’s what we read in an article 2018 from Reuters:

Soros Fund Management also dramatically boosted its shares in BlackRock Inc – the world’s largest asset management firm, overseeing $6 trillion – by nearly 60 percent to 12,983 total shares in the second quarter.

The text of the post continues, but it is not worth continuing as the elusive “red thread” has been broken for some time.


The links provided in the Facebook post are specious and not found in real life. Glaxo and Pfizer are two distinct and competing companies, which can collaborate if necessary to achieve certain objectives.

The connection with Soros through Blackrock is also specious, particularly where the latter is not owned by the former.

Let’s not forget that the Wuhan laboratory is owned by the Chinese state, not by private individuals such as Glaxo.

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14 thoughts on “Coronavirus. Does Glaxo own Pfizer and the Wuhan lab? No! The usual conspiracy theories”

  1. Hihi good try, but its enough to make few clicks on the net to see its no complot. Glaxo is advertising jobs in the Wuhan lab, though not officialy is the ‘owner’ but this tie and others , aka Emma Wasley and David Owen are clear.

  2. The arguments in the article are not very credible. If the Wohan laboratory is owned by the Chinese government, how did this government manage to spread the virus around the planet? Only through an international company like a pharmaceutical company like Glaxo in collaboration with the Soros foundation etc which has branches in many countries … Only this way the virus could spread … So the suspicions that the laboratory in Wohan is owned by Glaxo and other occult entities is very credible.

    • Poor Chinese government. Where is he to a far company, which has branches and thousands of chatty employees. Whether it is the PRC, which is present in all countries with its own embassies and has professional intelligence officers in each of them.

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  4. Wow well ain’t you a dumb fuck. All the fucking information lines up and you try to fuck around with 1 or two details because you’re a little bitch who won’t face the truth. Shame on you little bitch, shame on you.

  5. USA was and is involved in the Wuhan lab. Dr. Linda Quick was in charge and why was she removed in August 2019 after the Fort Detrick leak ?

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  7. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot, not understanding basic accounting.

    I guess it’s the same reason everyone thinks Trump didn’t pay any taxes.

    The companies he posts as showing “hey see it’s not Glaxo”,

    Ok let’s make this clear company names r just that. You literally have no idea what percentage of ownership is taken by investors in Trusts or LLC’s. The accounting tools used allow for this. Which they don’t have to be discloseD to you.

    Enron did the same thing, it’s away for money to be moved around and invested.

    Two competing companies who share an agreement to work together who have the same owners?

    That’s what competition is now?


    I see think I see your problem. Got a few wires crossed.

    Or is it how these elites or any other brand owns multiple brands selling you the same thing with different prices.

    These r the elites of society, directing the world into a direction they want.

    An open society removing liberty for temporary safety well at the same time becoming slaves to the banks and corporations, as the socialist utopian debt filled system is pushed on society for more control.

  8. Actually, the truth is the following : the Wuhan lab was built by Aliens from another galaxy. These Aliens are controlling the mind of Glaxo and Pfizer CEO forcing them to collaborate together ( otherwise ho competing companies can collaborate). The goal of the Aliens is to colonize earth…How?? The vaccines contains Aliens larvae that will migrate to the brains of their recipients and transfer the mind of the Aliens….. if you are still reading this nonsense that I just made up it means you are one of those simple minds who believes in these crazy conspiracy theories. Wake up use your brains

  9. If Glaxo is really the owner of Pfizer, or there is some connection between Pfizer and Wuhan lab then, the only question that I have… are you trying to kill the humanity?????


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