Coronavirus ONLINE: Babiš wants to harden, the number R continues to grow. Small class will not open, the lifts are standing

Good Thursday morning, welcome back to the online news about the spread and fight against coronavirus in the Czech Republic and in the world.

The Czechia is probably awaiting confirmation. The government will discuss proposals at the Ministries of Health, Interior and Industry to strengthen existing measures against the spread of the covid-19 epidemic and ensure their better effectiveness. After Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) said that there was no room for dismantling in any case, he did not want to anticipate the proposals of the ministries.

On Wednesday, Babiš explained the need to tighten measures on the occupancy of hospitals and the number of new cases of covid-19. According to him, citizens complying with the measure feel that the rules are insufficiently enforced, and opponents of the measure then reject them and do not follow them. According to him, it is necessary to consider how to tighten the rules or better enforce them.

The Cabinet will meet for the third time this week. The current measures have been in force since December 27, but according to Babiš, they do not work well enough, to which the government must respond. The rules for free movement, trade, services and other aspects of life in the Czech Republic correspond to the fifth level of the anti-epidemic PES system, although the PES index remains in the fourth of five levels of risk for two weeks.


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