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Coronavirus USA: Around 125,000 infections and almost 2,200 deaths

by drbyos

The enemy is everywhere. It is invisible. And he has life and death in new York completely changed within a few days. The metropolis with a population of 8.5 million has become one of the Hotspots of the global corona crisis become. By Sunday morning, New York had more than 53,000 people infected, more than 830 had died.

Across America, approximately 125,000 people have tested positive. Almost 2200 people have already succumbed to the virus. The worst – all experts agree – is yet to come. Doctors and politicians fear that the situation in the “Big Apple” despite massive restrictions and hectic efforts such as in northern Italy could escalate.

Coronavirus: Trump chose quarantine for New York hotspot

Despite the worsening coronavirus crisis, President waives Donald Trump initially for a far-reaching closure of hotspots like New York. “A quarantine will not be necessary,” Trump wrote on Saturday (local time) on Twitter, referring to previously expressed considerations to quarantine particularly affected parts of the country.

In addition to New York, he said New Jersey and certain Parts of Connecticut thought, Trump had said – because many New Yorkers were currently traveling to Florida. New York state governor Andrew Cuomo had been reluctant to respond to Trump’s statements. “I haven’t spoken to him about any quarantine,” Cuomo said at his daily press conference. “I don’t even know what that means.” He also doesn’t know how such a regulation should be legally enforced.

New York doctor: “It’s apocalyptic”

What could roll out to all New York hospitals in the next few days is already a reality at Elmhurst Hospital Center in the New York borough of Queens. On Tuesday, Dr. Ashley Bray had heart pressure massages on a woman over 80 years old, a man in his sixties and a 38-year-old who reminded her of her fiance within a few hours.

All had tested positive for Corona. Everyone had one Cardiac arrest suffered. All died despite Dr. Bray’s desperate struggle for her life. They weren’t the only ones. 13 people died in the Elmhurst hospital within 24 hours. “It’s apocalyptic,” 27-year-old general practitioner Bray told The New York Times.

Corona virus in New York: The morgues are full

Already at 6 a.m. a long line of people with cough, runny nose and fever forms in front of the hospital. They all want to be tested on Corona. Some of them queue until late afternoon and are then sent home without being tested.

Most recently, 5,000 coronavirus patients were hospitalized in New York. According to projections, all 1,800 intensive care beds in the metropolis should be occupied on Friday. Four corona stations with 250 beds each are currently under high pressure in a congress center in Manhattan.

In addition, it is checked which hotels and assembly centers can be converted into provisional hospitals. More than 12,000 National Guard soldiers are currently assisting local authorities in the fight against the virus. Send the armed forces Hospital ships with 1000 beds eachIn addition, field hospitals with around 250 beds each are being built by the military in several cities.

Already almost everywhere is missing Ventilators and protective equipment for doctors and nurses. Images are circulating on social networks showing nurses in a large Manhattan hospital using garbage bags as protective clothing when they are in need. According to unconfirmed reports, the Mortuaries of New York clinics are already reaching their capacity limits at the end of the week.

State of emergency: New Yorkers are often stuck in tiny apartments

Since Sunday evening, the city and in the state of New York have been tightened state of emergency. Schools and most public institutions have been closed since March 16. The new decree stipulates that all non-vital stores – with the exception of supermarkets, pharmacies and petrol stations – must be closed.

Any kind of gathering outside is prohibited. A minimum safety distance of six feet (1.82 meters) is required for contact between people. Police patrol some parts of the city.

Does Trump risk deaths to save the economy?

The start of the Corona state of emergency coincided in New York with the first fine spring days. Sometimes the temperatures climbed to over 22 degrees in bright sunshine. For New Yorkers, who often live in tiny apartments without balconies and gardens with many family members or flatmates in confined spaces with horrific real estate and rental prices, the city’s many parks and playgrounds are the only way to escape the tightness.

Corona virus in the USA: The Americans hamster weapons

Up until a few days ago, there were even larger groups. In the meantime, more and more parks have been abandoned. Joggers who make their rounds lonely make sure not to get too close to anyone. If people with blue disposable gloves and face masks were still smiled at a few days ago, they are now attracting envious looks. In most stores, these things are long out of print.

How Germany and the USA are fighting for a vaccine

The delivery times at Internet mail order companies are several weeks, the prices have exploded in some cases. Poor New Yorkers simply cannot afford the simple masks anymore.

In gun-crazy America, hamster purchases have also increased for rifles and pistols. Quite a few Americans apparently fear that public order could collapse in the Corona crisis. The ferries on the East River are still going according to plan, but they look like ghost ships.

Until recently commuters and tourists crowded on boats, now rarely does anyone board. The few passengers usually sit on the open deck at maximum distance. In some subways, the number of passengers has dropped by up to 90 percent. Those who still ride the subway cannot afford an Uber or a taxi.

It is arguably the biggest crisis New York has experienced

They have to get to work to get themselves and their families through what is arguably the biggest crisis New York has ever experienced. Under the onslaught of many who have lost their jobs from one day to the other in the past few weeks, the websites of the employment offices have recently collapsed several times.

Jeffrey Allen also took Sars-CoV-2’s livelihood. Until the virus hit the city with full force, the 52-year-old played as bassist for “Moulin Rouge” and six other Broadway shows. Everyone is exposed for an indefinite period. “I had two to eight performances every week. I don’t play – I don’t get anything! ”The musician experienced the terrorist attacks of September 11 in New York. “Immediately afterwards, a few appearances were canceled. Corona is much worse for me. Because I don’t know when I’ll be able to perform again and make money, ”says Jeffrey Allen.

Although the number of the latest corona cases and deaths has become compulsory reading for many in the morning, the notoriously optimistic New Yorkers also take note of small bright spots. Even though many ultra-rich have retired to their luxurious second homes on Long Island with private planes, many New Yorkers are sticking together right now. On handwritten notes on traffic lights and in social networks, they offer old and other particularly vulnerable neighbors to provide them with food and spread perseverance slogans. The city cannot be got down.

Until a few weeks ago, US President Trump dismissed the virus as a joke that could not harm the Americans. Since then, he has had to put up with the allegation that he took the necessary precautionary measures to protect the population too late.


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