COVID-19 in Reunion: The number of cases stabilizes but the circulation of the virus remains active – Health

This week shows a slight decrease compared to the previous week to find the level of week 44. The number of cases is stable at around 600 cases per week. In week 46, the incidence rate is 66/100 000. Above the “national alert threshold” (50/100 000), it nevertheless remains significantly lower than the incidence rate observed for the whole of France (240 cases / 100,000).

It should be noted for the other indicators:

– The number of imported cases (return from travel) represents only 6% of the new cases of the week, i.e. the lowest rate of the last 3 weeks,

– the incidence rate among 15-24 year olds remains high at 117.7 / 100,000 but decreasing compared to the previous week (136.8 / 100,000),

– the incidence rate among those over 74 is down compared to the previous week,

– the test positivity rate remains below the vigilance threshold (less than 5%),

– the number of tests is slightly lower,

– the weekly number of admissions to medicine and intensive care has decreased compared to the previous week.

To date, 18 clusters are active and 66 have been closed since August.

This situation calls for the continued vigilance of everyone in the application of barrier gestures on a daily basis and in all circumstances in order to contain the epidemic on the island. The mask should be worn whenever the distance of one meter cannot be maintained to avoid transmission of the virus. Groups of more than 6 people must be limited.

It is particularly recalled that:

– any person showing symptoms must be tested as soon as possible, either by contacting their attending physician, or by going to a medical biology laboratory or to a drop-in sampling center;

– travelers arriving in Réunion must be screened from 2 days after their arrival, in accordance with the SMS sent to them by the ARS;

– everyone is invited to download the TousAntiCovid application on their mobile phone, which facilitates information for contact persons and thus enables the chains of transmission of the virus to be broken more quickly.


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