Cristinini gets caught in the loop of Returnal, the new PS5 exclusive

Offered by PlayStation.

PlayStation Studios and Housemarque, the reputed studio that created Resogun Y Nex Machina, have published exclusively for PlayStation 5 Returnal, the Finnish firm’s most ambitious title to date. A game of third person action frenzy in style bullet hell, with exploration worthy of the metroidvania, with a mysterious history and with a structure roguelike. The streamer most popular in Spain, Cristina “IamCristinini” Lpez, tropes have been launched on the planet to try to break the cycle and destroy their fearsome aliens.

From the beginning of the game, Cristinini is surprised by the visual recreation of the environment of the game, and perhaps for that reason it does not take long to learn that the leaps into the void affect the health of Selene, the protagonist of the adventure. That is, shortly after he learns to use the jump and boost, although fiddling with that mechanics he runs upside down with some enemy projectiles (and again, with the occasional empty drop).

While talking about the benefits of DualSense hepatic response in Returnal, how spectacular is the 3D sound in the game and the no load times, she faces, surprised, the first great enemy of the game. Seconds later and after a quick death, “Returnal”. The game has just begun, but everything starts to get weird: the very Cristinini has just been transported to the interior of Helios, Selene’s crashed ship. It will not be the only place the streamer as he watches Selene die over and over again.

One of the first big PlayStation 5 exclusives

Returnal has been released as one of the first big games of the year, not only from PlayStation 5, but from all platforms in general. “A great game that knows how to combine with great success a multitude of ingredients to create something unique, fresh and with personality”, we said in our analysis. A frenzied, spectacular action game that take advantage of all the features of Sony’s next generation console, PS5.

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