critical support to the supply chain

The professionals of the book industry lobbied for the urgent, worried after a two-month break linked to the health crisis, assessing their losses at 500 million euros. The announcement of a plan to support State, Tuesday, June 9, by the ministries of economy and culture, relieves the spirits.

This is a serious plan, concrete, technical, welcomes Vincent Montagne, president of the National Union of Publishing and CEO of Media-Participations. We have been listened to, in particular on the importance of libraries. And the measures are adapted to the wide diversity of actors of the value chain book “. A total of 230 million euros are to be deployed, corresponding to the estimates of the minimum needs of the sector.

First, by the arrangements put in place since the end of march : the part-time unemployment (17 million in march and April) ; the solidarity fund of the State (6 million already paid to 2 845 bookstores and 1 535 publishers) ; the Loan is guaranteed by the State (115 million to 729 libraries and 298 publishing houses) ; the exemption of social security contributions (€10 million)…

The competitiveness of the booksellers in the face of Amazon

Now with new measures : the creation of two funds to support, the a to independent bookstores (25 million euros), the other small and medium-sized publishing houses (5 million). The libraries also receive 12 million euros for” modernize their equipment “in order to respond to the needs of competitiveness of new modes of consumption, online sales, collection and delivery – revealed by the crisis and called upon to endure.

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The two departments also cite their desire to find solutions to the inequality of the rates of shipments of the book, the panel on which the independent bookstore alert for a long time. ” We are happy “breathes Guillaume Husson, executive director of the Union of French Bookstores. “ The fund of € 25 million, which is based on our assessment of the loss of the booksellers during the two months of closure, allows you to neutralize them. The investment aid, tax exemptions of contributions, the opening of a reflection on the margins of improvement are also made very positive. “

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Finally, 40 million euros will be” accessible to the actors of the book “in the form of loans, about 100 million mobilized by the State to the IFCIC. They will be able to benefit engines which are the biggest publishing groups. ” Was this plan to be satisfactory may be added in later steps keynesianargument , supported by Vincent Mountain. For example, cheque-read, or from direct orders from the State to the libraries to the libraries“.


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