Current recalls: Dietary supplement exceeds limit value

Updated on 07/30/2021, 4:28 pm

  • The current recalls at a glance: Dietary supplement exceeds limit value, salami and cheese baguette contaminated with salmonella.
  • In normal cases, affected customers can return the respective product in the store without a receipt and get their money back.

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Food supplement exceeds limit value

Update from July 30th: the Powerstar Food Food Supplements GmbH is recalling the product “Ecdysteron”. According to the company, the limit value was exceeded in certain batches. Therefore, buyers should no longer consume the product.

  • Product name: Powerstar Food Ecdysteron 60 Kapseln
  • Best before date: 03.2023
  • Production date: 03.03.2021
  • Lot identification: 489-009

Salmonella danger: salami and cheese baguette recalled

“Salami-Cheese-Baguette” is being recalled.

© Netto Marken-Discount

Update from July 29th: The PE.WE. GmbH calls that “Take away” brand “Salami Cheese Baguette” back. The product was sold through the branded discounter Netto. Only in Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein was it not offered. The company cannot rule out that individual packs are contaminated with salmonella. The goods have already been taken off the market.

  • Product name: Salami and cheese baguette of the brand “take away”
  • manufacturer: PE.WE.GmbH
  • Distribution: Netto Marken-Discount
  • Best before date: 03.08.2021
  • Lot identification: CH428115

Manufacturer recalls tahini sesame paste because of salmonella

Baldana Tahini Sesampaste.

© Nosor Baldana GmbH

Update from July 29th: The manufacturer Nosor Baladna GmbH is recalling the Baladna Tahini Sesame Paste with the best before date 12.01.2023. As the company announced, Salmonella was found in the product as part of an official investigation.

  • Product name: Tahini Sesapaste
  • EAN: 8681506261823
  • brand: Baladna
  • Best before date: 12.01.2023

Listeria found in cheddar cheese

Update from July 28th: The manufacturer Euroser Dairy Group are recalling the cheeses with the name “Cahills Irish Porter Cheddar”. There is contamination with Listeria, the company says. The cheese in question was sold pre-packaged and cut into slices via cheese counters as self-service goods. We strongly advise against consuming the product.

  • items: Cahills Irish Porter Cheddar
  • Charge: FP7751 and 7751
  • Durability: 11/12/2021, 08/24/2021, 09/10/2021 and 09/22/2021

Sausage products could contain salmonella

Update from July 28th: The manufacturer Embutidos Caula is recalling sausage products with the name “Fuet Selection Extra”. Salmonella contamination is suspected. The products have already been taken off the market.

  • items: Fuet Selection Extra 160g, Fuet Selection Extra Black Pepper, Fuet Selection Extra Fine Herbe, Fuet Selection Extra Piment 160g
  • Trademark: Caula
  • Packaging type: Self service
  • Batches: Everyone
  • Identitätskennzeichen: ES1001865GE

BVL warns against low-carb flour

Low Carb Mehl
Low carb flour from the manufacturer bojati food GmbH


Update from July 28th: The Federal Office for Consumer Protection (BVL) warns about the article “borchers Bio Low Carb Mehl” from the manufacturer bojati food GmbH via the portal The product could contain aflatoxins.

  • items: borchers organic low carb flour
  • Contents: 350 g
  • Production date: 12.05.2021
  • Best before date: 24.12.2021
  • Lot identification: Charge 21000457

Edeka calls back ready-made salad

Edeka deli Pulled Pork
Ready-to-use salad “Edeka deli Pulled Pork and Country Potatoes”


Update from July 28th: As a precaution, Gartenfrisch Jung GmbH is recalling the product “Edeka deli Pulled Pork and Country Potatoes” in the 200-gram salad bowl.

As the company announced, in the course of its own inspections it was found that the products with the affected best-before dates may contain small amounts of mustard in the meat marinade. This is not declared on the packaging. In people with mustard energy, this could lead to allergic reactions.

The article was offered nationwide mainly at Edeka and Marktkauf except in the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

  • items: EDEKA deli pulled pork and country potatoes
  • Contents: 200 Grams Salatschale
  • Best before dates: 07/23/2021, 07/24/2021, 07/26/2021 and 07/27/2021

EU and Amazon recall “Atemious Pro” FFP2 mask

“Atemious Pro”

© Univent Medical GmbH

Update from July 23: The EU Commission has recalled the FFP2 mask “Atemious Pro, Article No. 2001” from Univent Medical GmbH. The mask manufacturer announced on its website: “The market supervisory authority has finally decided that the Atemious mask does not fully meet the protection requirements with regard to occupational safety and has put the mask on the Rapex list, from which Amazon has started a recall.”

During investigations of the FFP2 mask, the market supervisory authority found that the product was inadequate in terms of occupational safety, for example in paint booths. Before Amazon removed the mask from its range, it was recalled by the EU Commission. The product warning states that the mask only has a protective effect of 78 percent, which means that the mask does not meet the standard.

According to the manufacturer, the warning does not refer to the protective effect against the coronavirus: “Based on the type test, CPA approval and approval as a medical product, we are of the opinion that our mask provides protection against Coivd 19 [sic] is very suitable if the mask matches the shape of the face. This is what the Stiftung Warentest has finally certified in its assessment after a technical examination of the measurement results (“suitable with restrictions”). “

The mentioned restriction relates to the fit: “It is important for the leakage that the mask fits the wearer well and is therefore a tight fit. Of course, we cannot judge this, as we do not know your face shape. We ask you to do so the selection of a mask to consider. “

  • Items: Atemious Pro
  • Manufacturer: Univent medical
  • Model Number: 2001
  • Barcode: 4260688380047

Rewe is calling back creamed spinach

ARDO GmbH calls back “REWE Best Choice, Creamed Spinach”.


Update from July 22nd: As a precaution, ARDO GmbH is recalling the product “REWE Best Choice, creamed spinach portioned mildly spiced, 500g”. As the company announced, it cannot be ruled out that there are thin metal chips in certain packs. Since a health hazard cannot be ruled out, consumption is not recommended. The affected products have already been taken off the market.

  • items: REWE best choice, portioned creamed spinach, mildly spiced, 500g
  • EAN: 4337256053242
  • Best before date: 04/2023
  • Production charge: 141096 and 141097

Seaweed salads recalled because of too much iodine

Alvego Red Seaweed Salad Nordic Style
Too much iodine was found in Alvego seaweed salad.

© Alvego UG

Update from July 21: Alvego UG (limited liability) is recalling its products “Red seaweed salad (Nordic style), organic”, “Yellow seaweed salad (oriental style), organic” and “Purple seaweed salad (Mediterranean style), organic”. The reason for this is excessive amounts of iodine per glass.

  • Items: Red seaweed salad (Nordic style), organic, yellow seaweed salad (oriental style), organic, purple seaweed salad (Mediterranean style), organic
  • Manufacturer: Alvego
  • Best before date: 28.01.2022
  • Lot number: M1113, M1506, M1325

Plastic foreign bodies in ground beef

Ground beef
Plastic foreign bodies could be found in the minced beef from the manufacturer WestfalenLand Fleischwaren GmbH.

© WestfalenLand / Lidl

Update from July 20th: WestfalenLand Fleischwaren GmbH is recalling its products “Landjunker Minced Beef, 500g” and “Landjunker Family Packing of Minced Beef, 800g” (Lidl) and “My Butcher’s XXL Fresh Minced Beef, 800g” (Aldi Nord). There could be plastic foreign objects in the packages.

Both chains have already removed the affected products from sale. The packs that have already been purchased can be returned to the markets and the purchase price will be reimbursed.

  • Items: Landjunker ground beef, 500g and 800g packs; Meine Metzgerei XXL fresh minced beef, 800g
  • Manufacturer: WestfalenLand Fleischwaren GmbH
  • Distribution: Lidl and Aldi Nord
  • Best before date: July 19 and 20, July 20 and 21

Recall of alpha lipoic acid capsules

Valeacell Alpha Liponsäure
The company Valeacell is recalling its product “Alpha Lipoic Acid 120 Capsules”.

© Valeacell

Update from July 20th: The company Valeacell is recalling its products “Alpha Lipoic Acid 120 Capsules” plastic and glass. The reason for this is that the EU limit value for alpha lipoic acid in the product has been exceeded. The products have been removed from the range for the time being.

Some customers have already been informed of the deficiencies. There is either a credit or a payment of the purchase price.

  • Items: Alpha lipoic acid 120 capsules, plastic and glass
  • Manufacturer: Valeacell
  • Best before date: October 27, 2023 and May 12, 2023

Recall of dietary supplements

Update from July 16: The Bavarian Food Safety and Veterinary Control Authority warns against the product dietary supplement with alpha lipoic acid 300 R (+). As the authority announced in a message, there is a health risk from the product of NaturaFit Dietetic Food Production GmbH. The daily dose resulting from the consumption recommendations of the article exceeds the safe daily intake many times over.

  • Items: Dietary supplement with alpha lipoic acid 300 R (+)
  • Manufacturer: NaturaFit Dietetic Food Production GmbH

Clostridium botulinum bacteria in vegan sauce

Joy in a Jar Creamy Almond Ready to eat vegan Soße
The Joy in a Jar Creamy Almond Ready to Eat vegan sauce is being recalled.

© Joy in a Jar

Update from July 16: The manufacturer Joy in a Jar is recalling its Creamy Almond Ready to Eat vegan sauce (300 ml). Clostridium botulinum bacteria have been detected in the product, which can lead to life-threatening poisoning and shortness of breath. The affected product can be returned for a refund of the purchase price.

  • Items: Creamy Almond Ready to Eat vegan Soße – 300 ml
  • Manufacturer: Joy in a Jar
  • Distribution: two retail outlets in Frankfurt am Main, one retail outlet in Berlin

Salmonella in Lidl marjoram

“Kania Majoran gerebelt”

© TSI Consumer Goods GmbH

Update from July 14th: The manufacturer TSI Consumer Goods GmbH is recalling the product “Kania Marjoram rubbed, 10 g”. The reason is salmonella, which was found during the self-examination. These can cause stomach and intestinal diseases.

The affected product was sold at Lidl. The discounter has already taken the marjoram out of sale.

  • Items: Kenya marjoram rubbed, 10 g
  • manufacturer: TSI Consumer Goods GmbH
  • Distribution: Lidl branches
  • Best before / lot number: 07.2023 / A30 / B30
  • Best before / lot number: 08.2023 / A01 / A04 / A14 / A15 / B04 / C04

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