Dacia Spring Electric – Can be Norway’s cheapest electric car

Renault, which owns Dacia, was out early with its electric Zoe. It has sold in buckets and buckets, and is still alive after a series of updates.

Dacia, for its part, has had some of Norway’s definitely cheapest SUVs with four-wheel drive, together with Suzuki. For the time being, the cheap brand under Renault has stuck to well-used traditional powertrains.

Now they have confirmed that there will be a new, cheap electric car.

CHEAP: The intro model comes with colorful details. Check the ground clearance and the rims that look like aluminum rims, but are actually wheel covers. Photo: Dacia.
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We are talking about the already launched compact SUV Renault K-ZE which was launched at the Paris Fair in 2018, where we participated.

It was also a cheap front-wheel drive that could really strike a chord here at home, but as the Renault boss could very convincingly say that it would only be built and sold in the huge market in China in the foreseeable future. The reason? The market in Europe is microscopic in comparison.

Now they have turned around, because now it comes to Europe, Admittedly not with the Renault Logo, but under Dacia and with the name Spring Electric. It looks exactly the same – even the bumpers, so here we are only talking about small differences in the grille and colorful details on the introductory model.

NEUTRAL: You can also get it in a slightly calmer appearance. Small turning radius makes it quick in the city and in the immediate area. Range and charging speed limit the longest excursions. Photo: Dacia.
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The small electric city car is only 373 cm long, 162 wide and 1.51 high, and is located between VW UP and Mini Hatch. On the other hand, it differs from all other electric small cars with increased ground clearance of 15 cm, SUV look and higher seating position for four people. With a turning radius of 4.8 meters, it is easy to maneuver in the city.

The luggage compartment holds 300 liters, 600 with the seat backs down. That’s a lot compared to, for example, VW UP! who becomes the closest competitor.

TEST: Norway's definitely cheapest SUV is not bad at all!

TEST: Norway’s definitely cheapest SUV is not bad at all!

It comes perfectly ok equipped. Admittedly, you have to settle for wheel covers and manual air conditioning, but central locking and electric windows both front and rear are in place.

Parking assistant with three sensors on the rear bumper and a rear view camera, are optional together with the Media Nav multimedia system. The 7-inch touch screen has navigation, DAB, Apple Carplay / Android, Bluetooth and USB input.

Voice recognition (requires smartphone) can be activated via a button on the steering wheel.

But you have to be prepared to sacrifice something, when you buy an affordable, compact electric SUV. The electric motor is only 44 horses and 119 Nm. It maintains a top speed of 125 km / h. It’s right on the highway.

That may be the reach as well. It should be able to handle 29.5 miles according to the WLTP standard in city driving, 22.5 in mixed driving. This is because the battery is at a frugal 26.8 kWh.

It receives 7.4 kW on onboard chargers and only 30 kW on fast chargers. Then you spend one hour at the charging post from 0-18 percent and 5 hours at maximum speed at home and 14 hours in the socket.

EASY: Norwegian customers will order a 7-inch rear camera and connection to Apple Crplay, Android Auto, etc. Photo: Dacia
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The price has not been stated yet, but it is expected to be among the cheapest on the Norwegian market. This means that it should cost well under 200,000 kroner. The Skoda Citigo EV costs only from 208,420 and the large MG ZS costs from 239,900 kroner.

According to the plan, the car will be on Norwegian soil in the last half of next year. Expect prices and opening of pre-sales in the second quarter of next year, if production goes as planned.

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