Dead homeless woman turns out to have inherited a fortune | for Money

Various American media report on the remarkable story of 49-year-old Cathy Boone.

drug use

The woman had mental problems and, according to her father, also used drugs, which exacerbated her problems. When her mother died in 2016, she is said to have relapsed.

The authorities handling her mother’s inheritance were unable to contact the woman. She no longer had contact with family or friends.


The money was therefore kept at the state bank. The woman could have claimed it. Her father tells the local news medium KGW that he finds it indigestible that the money was ready for the woman but that she did not receive it, while she clearly needed help.

A state representative says those handling the mother’s inheritance spent about a year and a half trying to contact Cathy Boone. “There wasn’t much they could have done differently. We sympathize with the family.”

It is now being examined who is the rightful heir of the homeless woman, and who is therefore entitled to the money.

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