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Comedian Christoffer Schjelderup settles with the launch of Disney +. However, the power service’s choice is entirely conscious.

Disney + has finally been launched in Norway to take the rat on Netflix and HBO’s hegemony as a streaming platform. With them are a number of original titles that Norwegians know well, especially from childhood. The titles include Star Wars, all of the Marvel series, Pixar movies and The Mandalorian.

See Schjelderups humorous showdown with Disney in the video at the top of the case.

Disney has wallpapered digital channels with commercials. If you are looking for something similar to a Disney title, it’s right into advertising with how to get a Disney + subscription.

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CURSE: Comedian Christoffer Schjelderup takes a strong stand against Disney + due to his in-country problem.
Photo: Arne Ristesund (Bergensavisen)

The big favorite disappointed

But the launch has not only met with nice feedback. Stand-up comedian Christoffer Schjelderup was pissed when he signed a subscription.

– I have been looking forward as a little kid who has a birthday on Christmas Eve looking forward to December 24 to Disney +, he writes in a post on Facebook.

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Finally, he could get his childhood wish fulfilled, by getting Disney whenever he wanted. He struck out with an annual subscription.

– If I could have bought a lifetime with Disney +, I would have bought it. They bought my whole childhood, he says.

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I-country problem

But Schjelderup was very disappointed after subscribing and getting ready to watch the big favorite The Mandalorian. Because while he was popping the popcorn and getting ready on the couch, he clicked on his favorite series to see everything.

– There are also two episodes available! The series is finished, it is finished shown. Season two will begin airing on October 30. But Disney + has released two episodes, he says.

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The entire season has been made available in the US, and there is a short time until the second season is posted there.

Watch the brand new trailer for the season here:

He emphasizes that this is an in-country problem. But since he lives in a developed country, there are such problems he has after all, he says with a humorous touch.

– There are many big problems, and we are in the middle of a pandemic, and this probably falls far down the list. But on my list, it is at the very top, says the comedian.

To be able to see what (most) Disney has to offer, you have to pay 69 kroner a month, or 689 kroner for an annual subscription.

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– I think it’s pretty rude. They have marketed heavily on The Mandalorian, and when people subscribe, it is not available. It would have been something completely different if the series came out every week, but this is finished, says Schjelderup to Nettavisen.

– Do you think you can make the giant turn around?

– I think they can turn around. I have already received feedback from people who postpone subscribing until everything has come out. I know it’s a huge country problem. But I live in Bergen, and we have new restrictions and have to be at home a lot. I feel I could need this in my life now, he says and laughs.

Click on the image to enlarge.  Mandalorian

LOOKING FORWARD: Comedian Christoffer Schjelderup was looking forward to seeing the favorite The Mandalorian.
Photo: disneyplus.com

There are also reports that Disney + has had technical issues at launch. The company has not responded to Nettavisen’s inquiries, despite repeated attempts.

Listen to the podcast Series Guide talk about Disney +:

Conscious choice of Disney

However, Disney’s choice to release episodes one by one has previously been discussed by, among others CNBC, Tech Times and TVLine. Then it was explained that the reason is because there is a lot of competition in the streaming market, and Disney wants loyal customers.

The model for Netflix, where entire seasons are released at a time, worked when there was not much competition in the market. The website Screenrant writes that there is now more evidence that this model is struggling, and that it has been reported that people waiting for a major series to be released, sign up for a 30 day free subscription, and then end it as soon as they have seen the series finished .

Disney therefore now prioritises building a deep and long-lasting relationship with its viewers, and has therefore made a choice to release the episodes in the traditional TV way.

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