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Don’t even eat with your husband: Taliban for Afghan women

Kabul: The Taliban regime has changed the face of Afghanistan. It is also forbidden for women who face all restrictions to go to restaurants. The Taliban have banned men and women from sitting together in restaurants. The terrorist group ordered men and women to go to the parks on different days. The current events in Afghanistan are a great example of how women are the first to suffer the consequences of occupation and violence in society. In Herat, the third largest city in Afghanistan, there was a recent report that women were banned from issuing driving licenses and were asked to cover their bodies.

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The last decision the Taliban made was to stay away from her husband at the restaurant. The new order comes from the Ministry of Moral Protection in the province of West Herat. The woman, who came with her Herat family, was reportedly prevented from eating with her husband. The woman is being held in Taliban prison in Herat without trial for sitting in a taxi without a male partner. Students are also punished for taking pictures of their male classmates. Human and women’s rights in Afghanistan are openly violated under Taliban rule. The Taliban are now backing away from their promise to rule more liberally than before.

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A Taliban official confirmed the new order urged women and men to sit separately in the restaurant. Riyazullah Sirat told AFP that restaurant owners had verbally warned that the rules apply to everyone, including husbands and wives. On Wednesday, an Afghan woman told a restaurant manager that Herat had asked her and her husband to sit apart. Restaurant owners see this Taliban order as a loss of business.

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A Taliban official said men and women would visit Herat parks on different days. Sirat said the women were asked to go to the parks on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On other days men can go to the parks. If women want to exercise at this time, it is best to do it at home. Women have already been banned from going out on their own across the country.

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