‘Dozens of Groningen students infected with corona’ | Inland

The Mutua Fides society of Vindicat will remain closed until Wednesday. “We expect the number of infections to increase,” says Rector Wessel Giezen. Some students are still waiting for their test.

At the Christian student association Navigators, 29 infections have been counted. All activities there have been halted since Thursday. “We expect more infections to occur,” says board member Rixt Oving. “In all cases it concerns mild complaints. Incidentally, a number of members are now free of complaints again. ” Source and contact investigation is still ongoing.

The introduction weeks have taken place in recent weeks. Whether there is an explanation is unclear. Vindicat and Navigators do not expect a connection. “These are senior members who had no role during the introduction week,” said Giezen.

Everywhere in the country

The infections in Groningen are not isolated. Three cafes in Nijmegen had to close, which are especially popular among students, according to university magazines Advalvas (Vu) and Vox (Radboud). There are also ‘a few clusters’ in student houses in Delft. The GGD Haaglanden has contacted the TU there about this, writes Delta, the university’s news body.

RIVM director Jaap van Dissel called on Saturday in the AD to possibly impose a curfew for students, because of the increasing infections.

A thousand a day

Monday it turned out that another 1,300 people in the Netherlands have been tested positive for the corona virus. The number of new infections is therefore higher than in recent days. On Sunday, the national government reported 1087 new infections on the so-called corona dashboard. On Saturday 1231 cases were registered.

The number of positive tests rose above a thousand a day last Wednesday for the first time since April.

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