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Duh! Hundreds of Lion Air Passengers Abandoned at Soetta Airport: National Okezone

JAKARTA – Hundreds of Lion Air passengers were stranded at Soekarno Hatta Airport after the flight lion airline check-in process experienced problems.

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As a result, prospective passengers were queued up for two hours. The passenger queue stretched for several meters.

A passenger, Diaz (30), said that he and his wife had to wait for about two hours at terminal 2.

“From 1 o’clock to 3 o’clock the road has not yet worked,” he said when confirmed, Friday (21/5/2021).

In the video sent by Diaz, it can be seen that the condition of terminal two in front of the web checking-in counter looks crowded. Prospective passengers are made to queue and huddle with each other until an indefinite time.

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Several counters were later opened but did not help the public’s enthusiasm for checking in flights using Lion Air. Until four o’clock the queues became increasingly snaking, making the airline officer owned by Rusdi Kirana overwhelmed.

Diaz suspected that the queue was snaking that happened there because the check-in system there was an error. This can be seen when he tries to check in by visiting the website and screen there, but he always gets an error. “Finally, check in manually,” said the couple who wanted to go to Padang.

However, the manual efforts made by Lion Air did not do much, the queue of passengers continued to grow until finally it got out of hand.

Meanwhile, until the news was written, Lion Air itself has not given its official statement. PT Lion Air’s Corporate Communications Strategic, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, who were contacted separately, did not immediately comment.

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