E-sport: Banned from “Fortnite”, it traps everyone

Sanctioned a year ago by Epic Games for using cheating software, British player Jarvis was banned again on Friday live after replaying the battle royale. But there is a twist.

Player Jarvis fooled the web and Epic Games on Friday by “replaying” “Fortnite”.


The case caused a stir this weekend on the internet and in the specialized press. Almost a year after being sanctioned by publisher Epic Games for using cheat software in “Fortnite”, British player Jarvis engaged in an elaborate hoax that trapped many people, Epic included.

Disconnected in the middle of the game

While still under permanent ban, the FaZe Clan member decided on Friday to replay the battle royale using a new account and to broadcast his game on Twitch. This was however short-lived, as Jarvis was abruptly disconnected from the game after about fifteen minutes. “Oh my God! No! I was banned a second time! ” exclaimed the Briton, who then ended his video.

Vast hoax

However, many Internet users quickly suspected Jarvis of having staged the event, pointing to his unnatural reaction. The latter had a fine nose: in reality, it was not him who played, but his friend SlaterKodish, legally. In a video released Monday, Jarvis reveals in detail the behind the scenes of his hoax, revealing how he pretended to manipulate the controller in front of the part of his accomplice located off-screen. A joke that comes at a (small) price, since the account used as well as the associated IP address have been suspended.

Jarvis was permanently banned from “Fortnite” in September 2019, for using “aimbot” type cheat software in the game for demonstration purposes. Despite the player’s apologies, he appeared devastated and in tears in a YouTube video having made the rounds of the media, Epic Games has been uncompromising on its case.

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