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Electric cars, Foxconn from Apple to innovative batteries: the plan

Foxconn is the main supplier of Apple, which however has the automotive in its sights, to improve batteries and services of electric cars.

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Foxconn is a company operating in the field smartphone currently, which boasts a successful partnership with Apple. However, it would like to expand its range of action also towardsautomotive. In particular, it would be of interest to enter the field of electric cars, having announced that they have groundbreaking plans in mind for the entire industry.

As reported Insideevs, l’Taiwan company would intend to become a strong partner of Car manufacturers, managing to provide 10% of the total amount of services and components between 2025 and 2027.

In detail, the promise of the Asian colossus mainly concerns the age-old question of drums, as well as the development of specific software for zero-emission car. Meanwhile, he would have already stipulated aagreed with FCA, in order to create a joint venture destined for the production of electric vehicles in China.

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Foxconn, plans for electric cars: goal to revolutionize the sector

Electric cars
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The alliance plan between Foxconn e FCA would have as its main objective to create a range of electric cars equipped with cutting-edge technologies, especially with regard to services.

A target which can become reality, thanks to the development, already started, of a software open source, accessible to more customers, named “MIH Open Platform“. Tale platform it will be used by builders to speed up the initial stages for i EV vehicles, as well as being able to provide a kind of operating system for ecological cars, similarly to iOS and Android for smartphones.

However, the great work the company is doing is not limited to just that. In fact, Foxconn has announced that its technicians are working on one solid state battery, which should be ready by 2024. A solution that could represent a turning point for the electricity sector.

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