Elizabeth II: her radical decision towards Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew now persona non grata … among the memories of royal residences. Involved in the Epstein scandal for his friendship with the billionaire, but also for being accused of sexually assaulting a young woman who was part of this vast network of underage prostitution, the son ofElizabeth II renounced official duties to retire from royal life. And while he tries to be forgotten as much as possible, now the queen has also just erased him from her gift shops in her royal homes.

While Balmoral Castle reopened to the public after several months closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, visitors were surprised to find no postcards with the effigy of the prince Andrew report The Sun. “Previously, Andrew’s postcards were on sale. But while there are postcards of Charles, Anne and Edward – and even the Queen’s grandchildren, Beatrice and Eugenie – there isn’t one. of the Duke of York “, thus clarified a tourist, who nevertheless asked the staff if it was possible to obtain some. And the staff response was categorical: “No, we took them away. And they won’t.”

Prince Andrew ousted from a special birthday

Evicted from several official events, prince andrew may well have to live more and more recluse, far from the royal family. If he had attended his daughter Beatrice’s wedding, which took place in the strictest of privacy, the Duke of York should be left out of the 100th anniversary celebrations of his father, Prince Philip. If we do not know if he will be invited to the party, Elizabeth II and his advisers have already issued the rule that no photo of the prince Andrewshould only be taken during the evening. A new blow for him, who has already seen his flag, on which his coat of arms appears, being withdrawn from the royal box in the great park of Windsor.

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