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Expanding the Japanese business of “Streamline Media Group”, a 20-year-old global company responsible for planning and providing digital content for video games and Metaverse –PR TIMES | RBB TODAY

“Streamline Media Group” (based in Las Vegas, USA, CEO and co-founder: Alexander Fernandez), a global company that plans and provides game content for over 20 years, has expanded its business in Japan. Announced to do. With the expansion of the Japanese business, Mr. Takeshi Kajiwara, former Vice President of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Japan Asia Global Third Party Relations, will be appointed as General Manager of Japan Business Management.

For over 20 years, the Streamline Media Group has planned, developed and provided digital content for video games and Metaverse to each company. In Japan, we have fostered strong partnerships with leading game industry companies such as Capcom, Square Enix, Soleil and From Software. In addition, we have laid the foundation for this expansion of our business in Japan through multi-year art collaboration with the representative fighting game “Street Fighter V” and development collaboration with the series “FINAL FANTASY XV”.

In addition, as the content of Metaverse, we worked on the planning of the adventure game “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” developed by the luxury fashion brand “Balenciaga” to announce the 2021 autumn collection, and the knowledge gained from many years of experience. We have provided our development technology in a wide variety of industries.

With the expansion of the Japanese business, Takeshi Kajiwara, who became the general manager of the Japanese business, has been engaged in game software sales and business expansion mainly in the Japanese and Asian markets as a business leader in the game industry for over 20 years. During his SIE era, he has contributed to the expansion and development of many businesses by building global partnerships with numerous companies based in Japan and Asia, including the launch of the company’s China Hero Project and PlayStation 4 in China. I did.

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■ Comment from Mr. Kajiwara

“With many years of experience, Streamline Media Group has provided planning and development resources for high-quality digital content to various companies, including the video game and entertainment industries. By forming a partnership with us, each company has provided them. I believe that we can improve our digital content and achieve further development in the global market. Utilizing the experience I have cultivated so far, we will further strengthen our relationships with Japanese partners and everyone’s global. We would like to contribute to the expansion of our business. “

Comment from CEO and co-founder Alexander Fernandez

“Japan has been and will continue to be a place that gives us great opportunities and inspiration, and this business development in Japan will be the next step in fulfilling our commitment. With a wealth of experience and leadership in the industry, we believe we can further strengthen our relationships with companies throughout Asia, including Japan, and match our world-class technology with world-class companies. “

With the appointment of Mr. Kajiwara, we will establish a base in Tokyo in the future, support our Japanese partner companies, and aim to build new relationships with Japanese companies and strengthen them. We have also renewed the Japanese version of our website (https://www.streamline-mediagroup.com/ja/) so that Japanese people can better understand our services.

About Streamline Media Group
We specialize in video games, media, entertainment and creative and technical development solutions for the enterprise. For about 20 years since its establishment in 2001, we have been working on joint business development with development companies and providing digital contents to each company. With five service divisions, All Pixels, Streamline Studios, Streamline Games, Day Zero, Streamframe, and a pipeline of development divisions, each company In digital creative projects, we provide comprehensive services from content planning to provision.

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All Pixels:
A pipeline of game development under a brand under the group. A specialized team for 3D production.

Streamline Studios :
Build partnerships with development companies. While playing the role of a partner’s advisor, we support the solution of the problems facing production.

Streamline Games:
Game production team. We develop original platforms and support development companies and implementation companies in terms of software, engineers, technology, and design.

Day Zero:
Supports preparations for planning game content such as license acquisition.

A project management system that centrally manages the progress of projects with each company.

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〔Company Profile〕
Company name: Streamline Media Group
住所       :410 South Rampart, Suite 390, Las Vegas, NV 89145,USA
Founder and CEO: Alexander Fernandez
Home page: https://www.streamline-mediagroup.com/ja/

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