Fever: dengue fever progresses rapidly in Vallée-des-Prêtres

Three new cases of dengue have just been recorded in Vallée-des-Prêtres. This brings the number of cases identified there to 12. The Ministry of Health says it is monitoring the situation closely. He began a large-scale fumigation exercise throughout the region and surrounding communities to prevent the spread of the disease.

The inhabitants of Vallée-des-Prêtres experienced a very special March 12th. Throughout the day, they were visited by officers from the health office of the Ministry of Health and Health Surveillance Officers. The latter were responsible for making an inventory of people showing symptoms of dengue fever (fever, body aches, etc.). Most of the 12 residents affected by dengue live close to each other. This is confirmed by Dr Vasantrao Gujadhur, Director of Health Services and responsible for the Communicable Diseases Control Unit (CDCU).

These new cases bring to 17 the total number recorded in Mauritius since the start of the year. Dr Vasantrao Gujadhur says everything has been done to contain the disease. “There is a risk that it will spread to other areas because the virus is present, as is the mosquito responsible for transmitting dengue, Aedes albopictus. Not to mention the fact, he says, that the population is mobile. The disease can therefore easily spread from one region to another.

Hence the fumigation exercise started in the early evening Tuesday in the four corners of Vallée-des-Prêtres. This large-scale operation was carried out by the Special Mobile Force, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment. Pamphlets containing information on diseases transmitted by mosquitoes (chikungunya, dengue and zika), their symptoms and ways to protect yourself were also distributed. Teams went from house to house to check whether there was any accumulation of water in the yards or on the roofs.

An investigation has been opened. The links between the different cases have been established in order to go back to the place where the disease started. “We are carrying out this exercise to identify other possible cases of dengue. If someone shows signs of a fever, we give them a quick test. If the test is positive, we hospitalize him, ”explains Dr Gujadhur. A second test is done in the laboratory to confirm the diagnosis.

Two wounded officers

Two officers from the Ministry of Health were assaulted at their workplace Tuesday evening in Vallée-des-Prêtres while they were carrying out a fumigation exercise. The ministry vehicle was damaged, the driver and the person spraying the mosquito smoke were assaulted. One of them even had to be admitted to the intensive care unit.

The police were summoned to the scene, but when they arrived there was no one left.


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