Final of the Women's Champions: the transformation of Barça


The Christmas of 1970 was played the first game in history among women in the Camp Nou. It was a friendly that was part of a charity day culminated with the international Christmas party between Barça and CSKA Sofia. UD Centelles faced a selection of Barcelona players created a month earlier. Immaculate Cabecerán requested the president Agustí
Montal the organization of that meeting.

Without knowing it, that group of passionates made up unexpectedly through an advertisement in the press would lay the foundations of what today is the Barça
female. A team that has already made history by reaching the end of the Champions which will be played tomorrow.

Vicky Losada

When I arrived, I played on dirt fields; the club has gone from having nothing to having practically everything "

What seemed an anecdote in those times in which the Franco regime was dying was taking shape despite the social walls that greatly slowed down its escalation. So much so that at present the differences between men's and women's football are still considerable, although in recent years women have finally been able to take a step forward. So has the section of the Blaugrana club. The bet in the last years has caused a radical transformation of which Vicky Losada can attest. It sounds strange to call a 28-year-old woman a veteran, but Losada is. It is a pioneer that at 15 had already debuted with the first team by the hand of Xavi Llorens. It takes half life on the playgrounds; from swallowing sand on windy days to the freshly cut lawn of the sports city.

At the end of a promotional event of Nike, a brand that in recent years has demonstrated its commitment to expand football among women, the captain of Barça serves La Vanguardia to talk about it. His look gives off security, the same one that he transmits when he takes the baton in the center of the field. His words exude frankness. He recognizes the superiority of Olympique Lyon, a rival in the Budapest final ("he's a great team") and postpones for the moment the sensation of nerves recalling past eras. "I arrived at Barça with 14 years. At that time we played soccer 7 in the annexes of the Miniestadi, in a dirt field where there is now a Camp Nou car park. At the beginning we did not have defined teams, we trained at ten o'clock at night in a sports complex in L'Hospitalet, we bought our boots, there were no sponsors … I have lived closely the evolution of the club: it has gone from having nothing to having it practically everything. It's a change that surely Claudia can not even imagine. "

Claudia Pina

I can only thank them for everything they have fought, they have paved the way for the new generations "

Claudia Pina listens carefully before participating in the talk. The blaugrana forward of 17 years, of timid aspect but that is transformed when it sees a goal as it demonstrated in the past World U-17 in which Spain proclaimed champion, is part of the generation that already collects the first fruits of the change. "The truth is that I'm surprised what he says," he replies. "I entered the Barça in juvenile-infantile, in the fields that are now and that are in perfect condition. I have never stepped on a dirt field, "he confesses. But not only conditions have improved. Women's football currently has a greater media focus. Pina appreciates the work of her predecessors, the one who has "paved the way". "I can only thank you for everything you have fought," he tells one of his referents. And, for the first time, the generations of women who climb already have female idols. "I heard about Vicky; I saw them on TV, they won leagues and they were at the top. I wanted to get to play with them. When I entered the dressing room the first day was shocking: to see Vicky, Alexia, girls of the house … it is a privilege to train with them daily, "continues Pina.

Barça has experienced an unstoppable evolutionary process. There is no turning back now. Each time there is more level in the lower categories. In addition, it is the only profitable section of the club. Having reached a Champions final is not the culminating point, but a reward for the work done. There is still a long way to go, both in the section and in the king's sport, which is still very uneven even within the Liga Iberdrola itself. The loudspeaker function for those who already enjoy a certain status as Losada -and soon Pina- will continue to be fundamental in order not to fall into complacency.


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