Four men after ‘Tikkie-scam’ hundreds of people

The men are said to have used hundreds of people’s bank accounts to buy expensive products. They did this by responding to advertisements on Marktplaats in which an article was offered for sale.

The suspects responded to the advertisements that they were willing to pay the asking price for the item being offered. The providers of the article then received, in most cases via WhatsApp, a little amount of a very small amount. Usually this was one cent, ostensibly to verify the name of the bank account.

The link turned out to be a phishing link, and the suspects were given access to victims’ bank accounts. With that the boys bought all kinds of expensive products, mainly electronics such as iPhones, iPads and PlayStations.

Shopping with other people’s bank accounts happened all over the country.

The police tracked down the suspects in the tag fraud through an investigation into various street robberies that had taken place in Amsterdam-Noord in January and February of this year. That investigation led to a suspect of a dozen street robbers and to a healer, who would also be involved in the tag fraud. Ultimately, four suspects were arrested. They are in pre-trial detention.

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