Gaspésie and Îles-de-la-Madeleine: eleven new cases of COVID-19 | News | The sun

LDr. Yv Bonnier-Viger, Director of Public Health in the Gaspé and the Islands, indicated mid-afternoon Monday that he will not share the recommendation he sent to the national committee deciding at the end of this the relevance of revising the codes in force in the regions of Quebec. The doctor noted that the verdict rests with this national committee.

While there were only 10 cases in the Gaspé and the Islands during the five weeks stretching from August 10 to September 13, 25 cases have been reported since September 14, so in one week, including seven Sunday and 11 Monday.

According to the criteria established during the implementation of the codes, a region turning yellow is notably characterized by the emergence of two to six new cases per day per 100,000 people. The Gaspé and the Îles-de-la-Madeleine respond to this statistic.

Two to four new daily hospitalizations per 1 million people are also required. A person from the region was hospitalized on Sunday or Monday, but it was the first case of a stay in a hospital for a Gaspé since June 7.

The director of the Integrated Health and Social Services Center of Gaspésie, Chantal Duguay, indicated that this person “was a carrier of COVID”, but that she had been hospitalized because of her general condition “.

The 11 new cases of COVID-19 affect seven people from the MRC d’Avignon and four from the MRC de la Côte-de-Gaspé.

Reported Sunday, the outbreak at Résidence Saint-Joseph de Maria, a public CHSLD housing 91 people and with 130 employees, now affects seven residents and fewer than five employees. Visits have been prohibited there for three days.

The Gaspé and the Islands now have 246 cases of coronavirus infection since the start of the pandemic. There had not been 11 cases of infection on a single day since April 20, or for five months. There are currently 22 active cases. The MRC d’Avignon, where Résidence Saint-Joseph is located, now has 107 cases of infection since the start of the pandemic. It largely dominates the other five MRCs in the region.

Doctor Bonnier-Viger is careful when it comes to explaining the renewed vigor of the coronavirus in the region, after a quiet summer, despite the tourist wave that has swept through the Gaspé.

“He’s been on vacation all summer and he’s coming! The virus is there, always there (…) He took advantage of a loophole, someone with symptoms who walked around, who did not keep his distance, who did not wash his hands or who did not wear his mask (…) Is it the virus itself that mutated; doesn’t he like heat and humidity? ” asks the doctor, certain that experts are looking into these questions.

The resurgence of cases of infection in the MRC d’Avignon resulted in an increase in screening tests on Sunday at the mobile unit in Maria, said Chantal Duguay. “There were 115 screening tests, including 75 without an appointment. We have the capacity (to analyze such a volume), ”she insisted.

The Integrated Health Center is currently taking the necessary measures to allow family caregivers of people living at Résidence Saint-Joseph to visit them.


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