"Get out of here!" The attacker snapped at a witness when he finished stabbing his ex-partner in Vimianzo


The Civil Guard works by piece to conclude the expert report, and to send it to the court of instruction number 1 of Corcubión – that transacts the subjects of macho violence -, on the aggression suffered this Wednesday by the vimiancesa Montserrat López Mosquera, 48, at the hands, presumably, of his ex-partner, facts for which Javier Miñones Trillo, 41 years old, has already been arrested. In the armed institute they have managed to obtain first-hand information from three eyewitnesses to the events.

About nine o'clock in the morning, a woman was about to enter the headquarters of Agrarian Union of Vimianzo, located in the Rua Álvaro Cunqueiro, so that, precisely, Montse would process the declaration of the rent. He heard screams and just as he opened the door of the establishment, the aggressor came out, completely bloodied: "Get out of here!" He snapped at her before fleeing. Meanwhile, the victim begged the woman's help: «Chama to Garda Civil, Chama to Garda Civil! » Two other people saw Javier Miñones Trillo running out of the Agrarian Union headquarters with his clothes completely covered in blood and climbing into a white Fiat Dobló van.

On the other hand, the Civil Guard also took a statement from a neighbor of Muxía, who was the one who helped at first to Javier Miñones Trillo, who about eight o'clock yesterday was located inside the van on the road of access to the beach of Os Muíños, in Muxía.

Arrested in Muxía the suspect of having stabbed his ex-girlfriend in Vimianzo
He was inside the van with which he fled, bloodied. Everything indicates that he tried to commit suicide

The now arrested by the five stabbings had cut the veins at the height of both wrists with a knife. But everything indicates that he could have repented of the suicide attempt and by activating the horn he alerted this passer-by. The Local Police of Muxía, the 061 and the patrol of the Civil Guard of Vimianzo attended the call sent to 112.

Javier Miñones was completely bloodied and barefoot. He was transferred in the first instance to the Virxe hospital in Xunqueira de Cee, where he healed the "superficial" wounds, but a possible kidney problem caused the doctors to opt for his transfer to the University Hospital Complex of A Coruña, where he remains hospitalized, even though danger. Eyewitnesses pointed out that the detainee did not speak and was in shock. It is possible that you will be discharged during the day.

With respect to the victim, remains stable within the severity of the injuries, and admitted to the CHUS of Santiago. The doctors who treated her ruled out spinal cord injuries, since after removing part of the sedation and oxygen-for a short time-she managed to move her legs. Of course, the woman continues sedated. It also ruled out possible sequels or injuries to the vocal cords. The problem now lies in the heart of Montse López, since she entered the CHUS in stop due to the large amount of blood lost and her heart was for a time unable to pump enough blood. For the rest, it remains stable, which is good news given the seriousness of the injuries suffered in this attack of sexist violence.

On the other hand, judicial sources confirmed that this year a complaint against Javier Miñones Trillo, 41 years old, and arrested for the attack suffered by Montse López Mosquera, had been filed in Carballo's courts. Specifically, for presumed injuries that were prescribed and messages related to disagreements on family issues. With respect to these facts, it was understood by the corresponding judicial authority that they were not constituting an offense.

Toni Longueira

He slams his ex-partner in the neck in Vimianzo and runs away
The woman was surgically treated urgently in the CHUS and her condition remains stable within severity. The Civil Guard located the weapon in the place where the attack took place

The woman was surgically treated urgently in the CHUS and her condition remains stable within severity. The Civil Guard located the weapon in the place where the attack took place

Montserrat López Mosquera, 48, is in a very serious condition as a result of a stabbing received in the neck on the part of, presumably, his ex-partner, as confirmed this morning by the government delegate in Galicia, Javier Losada. The facts occurred about nine this morning. Montse López was working in the headquarters of Unións Agrarias, located in the Rua Álvaro Cunqueiro de Vimianzo, when a man entered.

The first hypothesis suggest that the woman was alone inside the premises. An individual entered and began to discuss "very strongly," according to Javier Losada. At one point, he took out a knife, pounced on the woman and stuck the knife in his neck, leaving the woman lying on the floor in the middle of a large pool of blood, while the aggressor fled and fled in a vehicle. The first inquiries indicate that the attack took place at the entrance of the union headquarters. Montse López was able to alert a woman and a man passing through the area shouting: «Chamade a Garda Civil, chamade a Garda Civil». Meanwhile, the aggressor fled the place leaving the knife, large, lying on the floor, inside the premises.

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