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Girl denounces that they tried to drug her in Guadalajara’s bar

A woman shared a complaint in social networks about a Guadalajara bar where they tried to drug her with the drink They served him.

Yesterday in the Abolengo of Guadalajara we went 10 friends and I to celebrate a bachelorette party We arrived, they treated us super well, they brought us the bottle we ordered, the services, and they started serving us drinks. My glass tasted weird and that of another friend alike. We started checking the ice and we found this ”: it was an ice with a pill inside.

When the ice melted, Ilse could see that it was a pill, so they went to complain to the manager. According to the young woman, he explained to them with arrogance that they “could not burn” the bar because they belong to a large chain.

Why? Why do we have to be taking care of what we drink and eat? What a fuck! Please take care, check well what and how they serve you, ”the young woman asked after finding the pill in her drink.

Here the complete complaint that Ilse shared about the “Abolengo” bar in Guadalajara:

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