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Gloria Trevi: criticizes her for deforming her face, they compare her with Lucía Méndez

Once again, Gloria Trevi generated controversy among her followers, for deforming her face. Before her new and drastic change of image, criticism rained down on her and they even compared her with the actress Lucía Méndez, because, they say, she looks totally different.

Gloria Trevi He boasted through a video posted on his Instagram account his new makeover, by painting his hair auburn, without imagining that Internet users would see everything except his hair. And it is that, everyone noticed that Gloria Trevi’s cheekbones looked bigger than usual, for which, they assumed, he had undergone further surgeries.

Immediately, criticism, ridicule and accusations did not stop arising, and they even compared the interpreter of Con los Ojos Cerrados, with the actress and singer Lucia Mendez, who throughout her life has been quite assiduous to cosmetic surgeries, on the verge of radically changing her face to look younger.

“OMG has already lost its appearance! So beautiful she was “,” And those cheeks from Kiko, what? So pretty she was ”,“ How she has disfigured her face with botox ”,“ How this girl changed her face. It does not look like her ”,“ Keep putting shit on your cheekbones and you will end up like Lyn May ”, were some of the comments.

And it is that, through the video, it could be noticed that the cheekbones of Gloria Trevi They looked bigger than normal, drawing everyone’s attention, who did not touch their hearts to emit their strong comments against the artist’s physique.

Gloria Trevi was just trying to show off her new look changeWell, now she dyed her hair a little darker than the one she had recently.

“I’m talking about hair. Some thought it was talking about the world, right? I just wanted to share the result with you, “explained Gloria, after having expressed in the video that she was” returning to normal. “

The actress and singer originally from Monterrey, Nuevo León, had previously shared the process of her change of look by allowing herself to be pampered by the experts who dyed her hair, for which, in the controversial video she showed the result.

Gloria Trevi rains criticism for deforming her face, they compare her with Lucía Méndez. PHOTO: SCREEN CAPTURE

Some days ago, Gloria Trevi and her beloved comadre, the actress Itatí Cantoral moved their audience by sharing a TikTok video where they both sing the success of “La Trevi” as a duet, with Closed Eyes.

The protagonist of the telenovela La Mexicana y el Güero visited her comadre at home, a few days ago, where she enjoyed a few days of his hospitality, and thus evidenced it on social networks.

However, this time Gloria Trevi returns to scandal, but not because of his career or personal life, but because of his physical appearance that is increasingly transformed due to drastic arrangements with which he already looks unrecognizable.

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