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Halo Infinite – Thurrott talks about the turmoil internally – Halo.fr

It’s pretty obvious now that Microsoft and 343 Industries lack control over the situation around Halo Infinite, so gameplay presentation controversial at the announcement of his postponement in 2021. The insider Brad Sams of the site Thurrott is the voice of industry rumors and depicts a painting not very encouraging from the organization of the project.

First questioned: the simple fact of developing a new engine and a new ambition game for a console still under development runs into additional difficulties. But 343 Industries also called on third-party studios early on, Skybox and Sperasoft, to participate in development. The problem is that these third-party studios would be involved in a much larger portion of the game than on a regular project, causing a lot more organizational problems. Sams Says Organizational Disagreements Behind Consecutive Departures Of Creative Director Tim Longo and the producer of the countryside Mary Olson.

Other sources suggest that the production of Halo : The Television Series, which obviously has at least as many problems as that of the Halo movie never released, significantly distracted general managers from licensing the game management, worsening a disagreement between the marketing team and engineers. Sams believes that the announcement of a multiplayer in free access to 120 FPS was a unilateral action of the marketing not taking into account the decision of the deadline to 2021 which was discussed in the high circles. The visibly irritated Sams also puts forward his prediction last July of a multiplayer postponement, which had been denied by 343 Industries while Phil Spencer a recently declared that such a fragmentation of the game had indeed been considered.

For Sams, the postponement of Halo Infinite to 2021 should not be limited to work on the technical aspects of the game, but rather to resolve its internal disorder and justify the colossal sum invested by Microsoft in the project. Otherwise, we might well see a repeat of the debacle that followed the postponement of Halo 2, and see heads fall from the decision-makers of Xbox and 343 Industries.

Brad Sams is not the only one interested in the internal problems of 343 Industries : the editorialist of Bloomberg Jason Schreier a also declared follow industry noise closely for a possible item.

Which aspect of Halo Infinite do you think should be reviewed as a priority?


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