He woke up at the morgue before the autopsy! Doctors’ reaction

The 45-year-old patient was found unconscious in a bus depot in Mumbai, India, suffering from an ear infection and malnutrition, writes Daily Mail.

She was rushed to the hospital, where a doctor declared him dead, although he had checked his pulse.

Dr. Rohan Rohekar allegedly told employees to take the man’s body directly to the morgue, contrary to hospital rules. But even when he was ready for the autopsy, the medical staff were amazed to notice that the patient was still breathing, and even opened his eyes, under the shocking eyes of those around him.

Dr. Rokehar was accused of breaking the death report and deleting the data he had entered upon receipt of the patient, after realizing the seriousness of the facts.

Police have requested an internal investigation into the hospital. The man is currently undergoing treatment for the malnutrition he was suffering from.

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