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Highly rated, such as gaining “overwhelming popularity” on the PC version of “God of War” Steam. The quality of the transplant is acclaimed –AUTOMATON

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on January 15th, “God of WarWas distributed on the Steam / Epic Games store. This work seems to have been highly evaluated at once, such as getting “overwhelmingly popular” in the user reviews of Steam.

“God of War” is an action-adventure game by Santa Monica Studio, a subsidiary of SIE. It is the latest work in the series at the moment, and it was released for PS4 in 2018, and as of August 2021, it has sold more than 19.5 million units. In this work, unlike the conventional work that depicts a revenge drama for the gods of Greek mythology, the main character Kratos heads to the land of Midgard, which is governed by the gods of Norse mythology. In addition, his son Atreus has also appeared, and one of the features is the gameplay in which both cooperate.

The PC version delivered this time is unique to PC, such as support for 4K resolution and 21: 9 ultra wide screen, improvement of high resolution shadow and screen space reflection, enhancement of ambient occlusion pipeline by GTAO and SSDO. The visual enhancement of. It also supports playing with a mouse and keyboard. It also supports NVIDIA’s DLSS and Reflex.

Looking at the peak number of simultaneous players in the Steam version on the first day of the launch of this work, it was about 65,000 (SteamDB). This is one of the top 20 positions on Steam as a whole, and it’s a number that competes for single-player games. It can be seen that it will be selling well.

Also, at the time of writing this article, it was “overwhelmingly popular”, which was well received by 97% of Steam user reviews. The meta score of the review accumulation site Metacritic is also very high at 93. There are quite a lot of media that give a perfect score of 100 points. It was a work that had received the same high evaluation at the time of the PS4 version, but it seems that it was evaluated that it was faithfully ported and that optimization for PC was added. Also, it seems that it was a good impression that it works comfortably even if it is not a high-end PC.

Digital Foundry, who is familiar with the technical analysis of the game, also praised the quality of the port of this work, including the fact that it prepared a graphic setting that gives an experience that exceeds the original version. According to Matt De Wald of Santa Monica Studio in an interview with the media, the goal of PC porting was to emphasize great content and improve it as much as possible, but not remake the system or engine. It seems that it was. He then commissioned the developer Jetpack Interactive to do the main development work, and took a total of about two years to port it to a small number of people.

In addition, when it comes to the PC version, the creation and introduction of mods will be attracting attention, but De Wald says that there are no plans to officially support it. The reason is that the development tool of this work is complicated and it is not supposed to be used for such purposes (Game Informer). However, it seems that users have already developed their own mods, and the mod distribution site Nexus Mods distributes mods that can adjust shaders.

The PC version of “God of War” is now available on the Steam / Epic Games Store. Also, as a series, the sequel “God of War Ragnaroku” is scheduled to be released this year for PS4 / PS5.

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