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Higley wins gold; looking to the Northeast | News, sports, work

MARK NANCE / Sun-Gazette
Nate Higley of Sullivan County launches Midd-West’s Avery Bassett in the 145-pound championship aboard the District 4 Class 4 championships in Williamsport on Saturday.

On Saturday for the first time in 40 years, a District 4 wrestling gold medal was hung around the neck of a Sullivan County wrestler on Saturday. How Nate Higley earned that medal was irrelevant at the moment. Whoever fought for that gold medal didn’t matter much anyway.

Heck, for Higley, winning the 145-pound Class AA District 4 title was good and everything, but it’s just another step in the process of getting where he wants to be.

“It’s a great result” Higley said. “But I’m just going through one wrestling game per game and I keep going.”

Higley was one of eight area fighters to take home a 4 AA district championship on Saturday at the Magic Dome. Meadowbrook Christian’s Cade Wirnsberger (£ 106), Muncy’s Scott Johnson (113) and Jacob Blair (126), Milton’s Kyler Crawford (132) and Montoursville’s Cael Crebs (170), Dylan Bennett (182) and Cameron Wood (220) all won titles.

Bryce Vollman (132) from Muncy and Garrett Storch (220) from Canton were runners-up. Altogether, 29 local wrestlers qualified for next week’s Northeast class AA tournament in yesterday’s Top 5.

But few championships yesterday had the historical impact of Higley. He became only the third district 4 champion in school history, and became the first of the Griffins to win district gold since Mike Cammer won the 138-pound title in 1980. But much of Higley’s career is they’ve been doing few, if any, things in Sullivan County they’ve ever done.

Two years ago Higley became the school’s first state winner when he finished sixth at £ 132 as a freshman. Last week he became only the fifth wrestler in school history to reach 100 career wins. And then on Saturday all he did was beat Mario Barberio di Muncy in eighth place in the semifinal before beating state no. 1 Avery Bassett of Midd-West in the final, 8-4.

“I guess (it’s a big deal)” Higley said. “I don’t care who he is, honestly. I have to go out and compete, no matter who he is. You always have to go out and act as if every game is one of the last ones you will fight, no matter who he is. Names and rankings don’t count. You fight only for the your full potential. “

Higley’s full potential was exposed at full capacity. He had struggled with only one return state or regional qualifier during the regular season, and that was Barberio in a double fight on January 9th. Despite this, Higley entered the tournament in fifth place in the state at 145. He is sure to say he eliminated the state’s top wrestler as he did yesterday will make waves across the state.

Higley built an advantage in the first period when he climbed into an awkward position to get out on top of Bassett for the first defeat. He fought through Bassett’s incredible defensive effort in the second period to finish in a single bass and take a 5-1 lead. And just for good measure, he added a late takedown in the third to post an 8-4 win.

District gold for Higley was only the third in school history, joining Cammer in 1980 and Wilbur McCarty, who won the 88-pound championship in 1967. And the difficult situations in which Higley seemed so comfortable were spot that he wasn’t sure he wanted to be inside. Bassett’s combination of length and strength made it very difficult to get out of those climbs at the top. But Higley found success every time the two rolled on the carpet like the Tasmanian devil.

“As the game went on, I felt more comfortable there” Higley said. “I was a little faster. But this comes from such a perforation and plays wrestling and goes through those situations. It’s about keeping everything high. Sometimes your head will go down because of all the force, but you have to get tall with everything. When you reach height, you tend to win. “

In the first year of the Meadowbrook Christian program, Wirnsberger made sure to knock out the Lions. He became the school’s first sectional champion a week ago when he sailed in a 106-pound glove that included the then Branden Wentzel of Montoursville.

He won that glove again yesterday, defeating Wentzel in the semifinal in a draw, 4-3, before beating the no. 5 Ethan Kolb of Benton in the final, 8-0. Wirnsberger has clearly established himself as the wrestler to beat in a weight class that will only be more loaded next week when Jaden Pepe of the second area of ​​Wyoming Area will join the fray together with Owen Woods of Tunkhannock, 17th place.

“I am very confident in my wrestling right now”, Wirnsberger said. “I’ve beaten some really good kids in the past two weeks and I’m very happy with where I am now.”

He fought Wentzel after dropping the first takedown and scored the win by earning a run in the second 30-second tiebreak. And against Kolb, he quickly hit a five-point move that set a tone from which Kolb never managed to recover.

“You can’t panic because if you panic, then you can’t fight” Wirnsberger said. “So I had to stay calm and focus on the next score.”


Team standings: 1, Southern Columbia, 205.5; 2, Mountain Line, 155; 3, Muncy, 131.5; 4, Montoursville, 125; 5, Benton, 101.5; 6, Canton, 89; 7, Mifflinburg, 80; 8, Midd-West, 68; 9, Athens, 55; 10, Wyalusing, 47; 11, Milton, 45.5; 12, Warrior Run, 41; 13, Jersey Shore, 40; t-14, Meadowbrook Christian, 34; t-14, Monte Carmelo, 34; 16, Central Columbia, 28; 17, Hughesville, 27.5; 18, Troy, 26.5; 19, Towanda, 24; 20, Sullivan County, 23.5; 21, South Williamsport, 22; 22, Danville, 19; 23, Northeast Bradford, 18; 24, Montgomery, 17.5; 25, Bloomsburg, 16; 26, Lewisburg, 13.5; 27, Shamokin, 10; 28, Columbia-Montour Vo-Tech, 6; t-29, North Penn-Liberty, 2; t-29, Williamson, 2; 31, Sayre, 1; 32. Sugar Valley, 0.

Team key: Athens, A; Benton, Be; Bloomsburg, Bl; Canton, Ca; Central Columbia, CC; Columbia-Montour Vo-Tech, VT; Danville, Da; Hughesville, Hu; Jersey Shore, JS; Lewisburg, Le; Line Mountain, LM; Meadowbrook Christian, MC; Midd-West, MW; Mifflinburg, Mf; Milton, Mi; Montgomery, Mg; Montoursville, Mo; Mount Carmel, MC; Muncy, Mu; North Penn-Liberty, NP; Northeast Bradford, NEB; Sayre, Sa; Shamokin, Sh; South Williamsport, SW; Southern Columbia, South Carolina; Sugar Valley Rural Charter, SV; Sullivan County, Su; Towanda, To; Troy, Tr; Warrior Run, WR; Williamson, Wi; Wyalusing, Wy.


first round

106: Isaac Landis, Ca, dec. Jacob Courtney, Acts 10-4; Bobby Gardner, SW, mag. December Seth Seymour, Tr, 12-3; Kyle Ferster, MW, pinned Ayden Sprague, Wi, 2:39; Blake Sassaman, Da, mag. December Brady Moyer, VT, 11-2.

113: Dylan Granahan, Be, Dec. Tyler Hawley, To, 12-5; Bailey Ferguson, Ca, pinned Braydon Garverick, NP, 4:48; Kaden Majcher, WR, pinned Jake Leonardo, Bl, 2:20; Brady Feese, SC, dec. Dylan Linn, Mf, 8-5.

120: Colton Eckroth, VT, dec. Blake Snyder, Mg, 9-2; Blake Wirt, LM, hi; Liam Goodrich, JS, pinned Mykee Nowell, To ,: 32; Chase Crawley, Mu, Dec. Kaden Setzer, At, 3-2.

126: Caden Temple, Be, pinned Aidan Garcia, Ac, 1:26; Broc Lutz, Mo, pinned Nick Woodruff, Wy, 4:23; Mason Leshock, LM, pinned Collin Bozza, Sh, 1:32; Aidan Steininger, MW, mag. December Patriot June, NP, 8-0.

132: Austin Aucker, MW, won by the flat rate James Batkowski, Mo; Noah Hunt, WR, pinned Gabe Harvey, SW ,: 47; Skyler Manahan, Wy, pinned Jacob Burgess, Sa, 2:31; Tyler Winhofer, MC, dec. Wyatt Delamater, To, 10-8, sv.

138: Ian Coller, LM, pinned Dalton Watt, Bl ,: 59; Colbrin Nolan, Wy, mag. December Logan Bartlett, Le, 10-0; Isaac Kester, CC, dec. Xan Oberheim, Mo, 4-0; Skyler Allen, To, pinned Jayden Renzo, Tr, 2:13.

145: Wolfgang Pearson, Sh, dec. Colby Puderbach, Mg, 7-6; Bryce Carl, LM, Dec. Evan Johnson, To, 13-6; Landon Lorson, SW, dec. Karter Rude, Acts, 4-2; Gabe Packer, JS, pinned Nick Wharton, Bl ,: 46.

152: Matty Coller, LM, pinned Colton Ammerman, Do, 2:34; Max Madden, Sh, Dec. Cody Rokavec, Mf, 10-5; Jacob Bennett, Sa, mag. December Jake Dinges, Mo, 16-2; Christian Good, Mu, pinned Zach Stafursky, At, 1:50.

160: Stephen Roeder, Bl, pinned Caden Hagerman, Da, 1:53; Bryant Green, A, mag. December Kaide Drick, Mg, 12-2; Jacob Turner, Tr, dec. Brian Long, Sh, 10-4; Hadyn Packer, JS, pinned Jack Shumway, NEB, 1:41.

170: Robert Wickham, VT, pinned Mason Woodward, Tr, 3:18; Shane Weidner, MC, pinned Aven Ayala, Mi, 3:46; Sam Crawford, WR, mag. December Will Bowen, To, 15-2; Lane Lusk, SW, hi.

182: Brady Cromley, Le, Dec. Sam Hostrander, SW, 5-0; Mike Cook, Da, pinned Corey King, SV, 1:30; Tristen Ditzler, Mu, dec. Ben Marino, Mg, 5-2; Edward Cole, Tr, mag. December Zach Shaffer, Wy, 8-0.

195: Damon Backes, MC, dec. Ben Pernaselli, Acts 7-2; Nathan Rauch, Mi, Dec. Dylan Devlin, CC, 6-2; Bailey Hadzinikolov, Mu, dec. Mikey Sipps, Wi, 7-4; Caleb Moser, Mo, pinned Jake Casella, SW, 4:49.

220: Kade Sottolano, Wi, dec. Logan McWilliams, CC, 5-1; Trevor Williams, California, pinned Hayden Robbins, Hu, 2:09; Quentin Doane, Mf, pinned Brent Mitch, Mi, 2:05; Carter Sauer, MW, mag. December Alex Perez, To, 12-3.

285: Dawson Brown, NEB, pinned Aaron Herlt, To, 1:47; Caleb Burkhart, Hu, pinned Hunter Minnig, MC ,: 52; Logyn Choplosky, NP, dec. Alexx Eveland, CC, 7-6; Gunner Treibley, MC, dec. Cael Hembury, Mu, 7-2.



106: Cade Wirnsberger, MC, dec. Branden Wentzel, Mo, 4-3, tb; Ethan Kolb, Be, dec. Aidan Kritzer, LM, 7-0.

113: Gavin Bradley, At, Dec. Conner Heckman, MW, 14-9; Scott Johnson, Mu, Dec. Kaiden Wagner, Le, 3-2.

120: Kole Biscoe, SC, pinned Caiden Puderbach, Hu ,: 51; Gable Strickland, Be, Dec. Sheldon Seymour, Tr, 8-5.

126: Jacob Blair, Mu, pinned Gabe Andrus, JS, 2:48; Gabe Gramly, Mf, mag. December Colton Chipeleski, CC, 17-3.

132: Bryce Vollman, Mu, dec. Troy Bingaman, Mf, 2-0; Kyler Crawford, Mi, pinned Hayden Ward, Ca, 3:58.

138: Clayton Reed, Mf, technology. fall Riley Parker, Ca, 15-0, 5:09; Patrick Edmondson, SC, dec. Luke Gorg, Hu 6-0.

145: Avery Bassett, MW, mag. December Brandon Gedman, SC, 8-0; Nate Higley, Su, Dec. Mario Barberio, Mu, 9-7.

152: Wes Barnes, SC, dec. Devon Deem, Mg, 10-5; Logan Newton, Wy, Dec. Troy Johnson, CC, 12-6.

160: Nolan Lear, Be, pinned Riley Heim, LM, 3:28; Gavin Garcia, SC, dec. Isaac Cory, Mo, 6-2.

170: Cade Linn, SC, dec. Ethan Gush, Mu, 3-0; Cael Crebs, Mo, mag. December Timmy Ward, Ca, 10-2.

182: Jacob Feese, LM, pinned Derek Atherton-Ely, Ca, 4:52; Dylan Bennett, Mo, pinned Alex West, At, 1:05.

195: Gaige Garcia, SC, pinned Clay Watkins, To ,: 27; Garrett Storch, Ca, Dec. Dominick Bridi, LM, 14-13.

220: Cameron Wood, Mo, technology. fall Jackson Chilson, Wy, 15-0, 5:07; Max Tillet, SC, dec. Zach Poust, Be, 9-6.

285: Lear Quinton, SC, dec. Keagan Braun, Acts, 8-2; Emmanuel Ulrich, Mf, mag. December Nevin Rauch, Mi, 11-3.


quarter finals

106: Bobby Gardner, SW, dec. Isaac Landis, Ca, 8-4; Kyle Ferster, MW, pinned Blake Sassaman, Da, 1:16.

113: Dylan Granahan, Be, Dec. Bailey Ferguson, Ca, 3-2; Kaden Majcher, WR, dec. Brady Feese, SC, 6-4.

120: Blake Wirt, LM, pinned Colton Eckroth, VT ,: 39; Liam Goodrich, JS, mag. December Chase Crawley, Mu, 9-1.

126: Caden Temple, Be, pinned Broc Lutz, Mo, 2:29; Mason Leshock, LM, mag. December Aidan Steininger, MW, 15-2.

132: Noah Hunt, WR, pinned Austin Aucker, MW ,: 53; Skyler Manahan, Wy, pinned Tyler Winhofer, MC, 4:36.

138: Ian Coller, LM, pinned Colbrin Nolan, Wy, 1:45; Isaac Kester, CC, mag. December Skyler Allen, To, 12-2.

145: Bryce Carl, LM, dec. Wolfgang Pearson, Sh, 5-4; Landon Lorson, SW, dec. Gabe Packer, JS, 5-1.

152: Matty Coller, LM, won by the forfeit Max Madden, Sh; Christian Good, Mu, mag. December Jacob Bennett, Sa, 10-2.

160: Stephen Roeder, Bl, dec. Bryant Green, To, 6-0; Hadyn Packer, JS, pinned Jacob Turner, Tr, 2:43.

170: Shane Weidner, MC, pinned Robert Wickham, VT ,: 57; Sam Crawford, WR, Dec. Lane Lusk, SW, 3-2.

182: Mike Cook, Da, Dec. Brady Cromley, Le, 8-6, sv; Tristen Ditzler, Mu, dec. Edward Cole, Tr, 11-7.

195: Damon Backes, MC, pinned Nathan Rauch, Mi ,: 48; Bailey Hadzinikolov, Muncy, pinned Caleb Moser, Mo, 1:54.

220: Trevor Williams, Ca, mag. December Kade Sottolano, Wi, 8-0; Carter Sauer, MW, dec. Quentin Doane, Mf, 9-6.

285: Dawson Brown, NEB, pinned Caleb Burkhart, Hu, 2:31; Gunner Treibley, MC, pinned Logyn Choplosky, NP, 1:37.



106: Branden Wentzel, Mo, Dec. Bobby Gardner, SW, 7-3; Aidan Kritzer, LM, pinned Kyle Ferster, MW, 2:21.

113: Conner Heckman, MW, dec. Dylan Granahan, Be, 4-3; Kaden Majcher, WR, dec. Kaiden Wagner, Le, 8-3.

120: Blake Wirt, LM, mag. December Caiden Puderbach, Hu, 10-0; Sheldon Seymour, Tr, pinned Liam Goodrich, JS, 2:52.

126: Gabe Andrus, JS, dec. Caden Temple, Be, 3-1; Mason Leshock, LM, Colton Chipeleski pinned, CC, 1:47.

132: Noah Hunt, WR, dec. Troy Bingaman, Mf, 6-2; Hayden Ward, Ca, mag. December Skyler Manahan, Wy, 10-2.

138: Ian Coller, LM, pinned Riley Parker, Ca, 2:01; Luke Gorg, Hu, technology. fall Isaac Kester, CC, 15-0, 4:20.

145: Bryce Carl, LM, pinned Brandon Gedman, SC, 2:46; Mario Barberio, Mu, Dec. Landon Lorson, SW, 6-0.

152: Devon Deem, Mg, dec. Matty Coller, LM, 3-1; Christian Good, Mu, inj. def. Troy Johnson, CC.

160: Stephen Roeder, Bl, dec. Riley Heim, LM, 10-4; Isaac Cory, Mo, Dec. Hadyn Packer, JS, 4-1.

170: Ethan Gush, Mu, Dec. Shane Weidner, MC, 5-3; Timmy Ward, Ca, Dec. Sam Crawford, WR, 7-0.

182: Derek Atherton-Ely, Ca, pinned Mike Cook, Da ,: 38; Alex West, At, pinned Tristen Ditzler, Mu, 3:49.

195: Damon Backes, MC, dec. Clay Watkins, To, 8-6; Dominick Bridi, LM, pinned Bailey Hadzinikolov, Mu, 1:41.

220: Jackson Chilson, Wy, pinned Trevor Williams, Ca ,: 31; Zach Poust, Be, Dec. Carter Sauer, MW, 3-1.

285: Dawson Brown, NEB, pinned Keagan Braund, Ac, 3:32; Nevin Rauch, Mi, pinned Gunner Treibley, MC, 3:35.

Fifth place


106: Bobby Gardner, SW, mag. December Kyle Ferster, MW, 14-2. 113: Kaiden Wagner, Le, Dec. Dylan Granahan, Be, 3-2. 120: Caiden Puderbach, Hu, Dec. Liam Goodrich, JS, 5-2. 126: Caden Temple, Be, pinned Colton Chipeleski, CC, 4:55. 132: Troy Bingaman, Mf, pinned Skyler Manahan, Wy, 2:24. 138: Riley Parker, Ca, Dec. Isaac Kester, CC, 5-1. 145: Brandon Gedman, SC, dec. Landon Lorson, SW, 5-0. 152: Matty Coller, LM, mag. December Troy Johnson, CC, 11-2. 160: Hadyn Packer, JS, mag. December Riley Heim, LM, 9-0. 170: Shane Weidner, MC, pinned Sam Crawford, WR, 2:44. 182: Mike Cook, Da, pinned Tristen Ditzler, Mu ,: 55. 195: Clay Watkins, To, pinned Bailey Hadzinikolov, Mu ,: 57. 220: Carter Sauer, MW, pinned Trevor Williams, Ca, 3:52. 285: Keagan Braund, At, pinned Gunner Treibley, MC, 2:14.

Third place


106: Branden Wentzel, Mo, technology. fall Aidan Kritzer, LM, 20-4, 3:52. 113: Conner Heckman, MW, dec. Kaden Majcher, WR, 6-4, sv. 120: Sheldon Seymour, Tr, technology. fall Blake Wirt, LM, 24-8, 4:48. 126: Mason Leshock, LM, dec. Gabe Andrus, JS, 13-10. 132: Hayden Ward, Ca, won by the lost Noah Hunt, WR. 138: Luke Gorg, Hu, Dec. Ian Coller, LM, 4- 2. 145: Mario Barberio, Mu, dec. Bryce Carl, LM, 4-2. 152: Devon Deem, Mg, dec. Christian Good, Mu, 4-2. 160: Isaac Cory, Mo, dec. Stephen Roeder, Bl, 7-1. 170: Timmy Ward, Ca, Dec. Ethan Gush, Mu, 3-0. 182: Alex West, At, Dec. Derek Atherton-Ely, Ca, 6-2. 195: Dominick Bridi, LM, inj. def. Damon Backes, MC, 2:52. 220: Zach Poust, Be, Dec. Jackson Chilson, Wy, 5-3. 285: Dawson Brown, NEB, dec. Nevin Rauch, Mi, 6-4.

Championship finals

106: Cade Wirnsberger, MC, mag. December Ethan Kolb, Be, 8-0. 113: Scott Johnson, Mu, Dec. Gavin Bradley, At, 5-4. 120: Kole Biscoe, SC, dec. Gable Strickland, Be, 1-0. 126: Jacob Blair, Mu, Dec. Gabe Gramly, Mf, 4-1. 132: Kyler Crawford, Mi, inj. def. Bryce Vollman, Mu, 2:45. 138: Patrick Edmondson, SC, dec. Clayton Reed, Mf, 3-1. 145: Nate Higley, Su, Dec. Avery Bassett, MW, 8-4. 152: Wes Barnes, SC, pinned Logan Newton, Wy, 1:35. 160: Gavin Garcia, SC, dec. Nolan Lear, Be, 3-2. 170: Cael Crebs, Mo, Dec. Linn falls, SC, 5-0. 182: Dylan Bennett, Mo, Dec. Jacob Feese, LM, 5-3.195: Gaige Garcia, SC, pinned Garrett Storch, Ca ,: 55. 220: Cameron Wood, Mo, Dec. Max Tillet, SC, 6-4. 285: Lear Quinton, SC, dec. Emmanuel Ulrich, Mf, 10-6.

District 4 Officer of the Year: Rocky Miller

Assistant coach of the year 4: Kent Lane, Southern Columbia

Coach of the Year 4: Jerry Marks, Southern Columbia

Max Shnyder Scholarship: Luke Gorg, Hughesville

District 4 Coaches Association Scholarships: Cameron Wood, Montoursville; Sheldon Seymour, Troy; Mario Barberio, Muncy.



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