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his “twin” brother shot dead in New Jersey!

The rapper from Paterson (New Jersey), Fetty Wap, lost his twin brother, Twyshon Depew, shot dead in the street in their hometown… He feels responsible!

Fetty Wap, which gained worldwide recognition in 2014 with his huge tube Trap Queen, but who has struggled to stay in the game since, experienced a family drama last week. The 29-year-old rapper himself regularly exposed to violence and in miscellaneous items rather than in the charts, comes once again to be confronted with a painful episode. Indeed, we learned that this Thursday, October 15, his brother, whom he considers his twin, Twyshon Depew was shot dead in the street near Wrigley Park in his hometown of Paterson, around 9 p.m. After the shooting, twyshon was taken by his friends to the St Jospeh Regional Medical Center, where medics tried to keep him alive but failed, prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes and the head of the department said in a joint statement. Paterson Police, Ibrahim Baycora. Twyshon therefore died in hospital.

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Street victim

In grief, Fetty Wap made a point of paying tribute to her little brother on Instagram the day after the tragedy, evoking his responsibility in the failure of his mission to get his brother out of his street problems : I love you lil bro my twin… RIP ????????… I failed you bro I’m sorry… I keep calling ya phone and you won’t pick tf up and that shit never ring 3 times now it’s straight to vm I love you lil bro I really thought I could get you out before I ever had to make a post like this lil bro like wtf ”(I love you my little brother, my twin… RIP… I failed my brother I’m sorry… I continue to call you but you don’t fucking pick up, this shit only rings 3 times, I’m going straight to your voicemail. I love you little brother. I really thought to get you out of all this before I had to write a message like that little brother, damn it what the hell). Bored, he also posted several messages in IG story to answer questions from his followers who wanted to support him: “Stop asking me if I’m okay… No damn I’m not okay…” !

fetty wap message 1

He continues in the following message with: “I lost so many n * gro that this shit was almost normal… But my little brother… It’s like 2017 starts over again with that same feeling… I remember your saying: “don’t cry for me me … I don’t know what I’m going to say to my nephew when he’s going to ask me why I haven’t done everything to make sure everything is okay?

fetty wap message 2

In another story, Fetty Wap adds: “I love you Twy… I really miss you kid but I can see you brought the sun today… I’m going to think about you and everything you were today.

fetty wap message 3

Finally, in a photo of him and his brother, addressing the deceased, he returned once again to what he considers his responsibility in his death, due to his return to the street: “They would have put us in jail if they had known about everything. I should have listened to you but I was so stuck in these streets that I didn’t even make music anymore. I was so happy to be back home, back on the field that I lost all sense of why I was doing this… Tell Don I’m sorry brother, please don’t blame me brother.

fetty wap message 4

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