How to activate messages that self-destruct on WhatsApp

For years WhatsApp has been a messaging app that has always opted for minimalism, both aesthetic and functional. Until not long ago if you wanted to have the WhatsApp dark mode you had to resort to outside tricks, and the same thing happened if you wanted to send temporary messages that would self-destruct after a certain time. For a few years now, WhatsApp has stepped on the accelerator with its updates, and now every few months it introduces new features with added functionalities.

One of the most recent is the inclusion of messages that self-destruct. On this occasion, WhatsApp has called them “Temporary messages”, and they basically fulfill the same task: offer the user the possibility to send messages knowing that later they will be removed from conversation automatically.

This is how temporary WhatsApp messages work

However, these temporary messages that disappear automatically are not as versatile as we would like, and the truth is that they do not offer much room for maneuver. Although in the end, they fulfill their mission in a more or less correct way:

  • The messages disappear on their own after 7 days.
  • Both messages and multimedia files do not disappear outside of the original chat where they were sent. If we decide to forward a temporary message to another person or group, that message remains in that other chat.

How to send self-destructing messages on WhatsApp

The option of temporary messages is now available, and we can easily enable it as follows:

  • Enter the chat where you want your messages to be destroyed automatically.
  • Click on the contact’s name to open the options menu.

  • Scroll to “Temporary Messages” and press to access the configuration settings.
  • Lastly, be sure to check the “Enabled” box.

From this moment, all the messages we send this contact within this chat will disappear 7 days later. If at some point we want the messages not to be deleted, we just have to go back to this menu and leave the “Deactivated” box checked.

Personally, I think it would have been more practical to add an automatic deletion option within the messages themselves and not in the general options of the contact, since at any given moment we may want only a certain message to be deleted and the rest remain as which. And it would not have been bad if we could choose different time ranges, such as automatic deletions at 24 hours, 3 days or a month.

In any case, the temporary messages are already available for use. What do you think of this new WhatsApp feature? Do you think it is a good idea or do you think they have been a bit half? We read in the comments area!

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