Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Huawei could facilitate Chinese espionage in Britain, according to report

Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei has been harassed by the Trump administration for a long period of time because of its apparent links with the Chinese government that would result in espionage practices on US soil by having access to the Internet. North American telecommunications networks.

In fact, there is a investigation to the company since 2016 for the shipment of products to Iran from the USA, something that is prohibited by the commercial blockade that the government maintains to the Islamic country. In addition, the US has banned the sale of Huawei devices in its military bases for similar suspicions about Chinese espionage.

Now, Britain, a country that is politically “friendly” with Washington, has shown a similar stance against the Chinese technological giant, claiming that its telecommunication networks are exposed to greater security risks due to Huawei’s technical shortcomings.

The information was known through a exclusive of Reuters , where it is claimed that a report from the British spy agency GCHQ, reveals its desire to intensify the debate over the espionage of Huawei Technologies, because high security officials of the nation could only offer limited guarantees that the operations of the company do not represent a threat to national security.

Sources linked to the case told the news agency that they have identified deficiencies in Huawei’s technical infrastructure, which translates into new risks for UK telecommunications networks and long-term challenges to mitigate these security threats.

For its part, Huawei said that its computer security report was supervised by the authorities, and where apparently everything worked well, with the exception of some improvements in its engineering processes, but no serious vulnerabilities have been found in its equipment. In addition, it defined itself as a private company that is not under the control of the Chinese government or subject to the security laws of the Asian country abroad.

Huawei’s computer security report is produced by the HCSEC, created by Huawei in 2010 in the wake of the British government’s concerns about security threats in the company’s IT infrastructure. In fact, the HCSEC works with the British security agency and the supervisory board annually to address any problems. However, it is the first time that a report raises concerns of this kind.

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