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I am a celebrity: Nick Knowles was angry with his bosses after the knife incident

Anne Hegert revealed that Nick Knowles had suffered the wrath of the boss of I'm Celebrity after a dangerous incident with a knife.

The housekeeper said that the SOS DIY presenter was getting so bored that he had put the camp knives in the fire and had been reprimanded by his superiors.

Anne confessed that she had been called into the Bush Telegraph for reasons related to Nick's well-being at the camp.

He also tore the sleeping bags of the competitors who leave to rope to dry people's clothes.

About Nick, she said: "He was absolutely hit when he was named camp leader.

Nick had a shock, I'm a celebrity boss on his antics

Anne has revealed everything about the incident of Nick's knife

"Nick is bored, he has to do things, and it was he who came down to get the logs, collect water and bring it back in a big bag, and he was suddenly not allowed to do that.

"He was cooking, he's the best leader in the camp and he was not allowed to do it anymore."

"One time, I was called to the Bush Telegraph and they said," We're a little worried about Nick, he put knives in the fire.

It seems that Nick is bored with life in the jungle

Nick has been warned of the dangers of knives and fire

"I said that he was doing it, first of all because he had found a great way to degrease John's vest for degreasing." The second reason is that it's a good thing. he is bored and you should allow him to do things. "

Anne explained that Nick was using his survival skills to make camp life easier.

The sensation of wannabe pop is destroying the sleeping bags of former camp mates to use to hang the laundry.

Nick goes crazy in the jungle

"Nick may be the new Bear Grylls, he's so talented," said Anne.

"After Rita left, he grabbed his sleeping bag liner and took the knife and cut it into strips.Then he tied two strips together and started to braid to make a rope.

"And he made all these ropes, very good ropes, the kind of links you'd buy from John Lewis, and he made all those ropes and turned them into a sort of lattice for hanging things on the fire to dry them. . "

Anne hopes Nick will win, but says she knew the bookmakers' favorite was Harry.

Anne was called to the Bush Telegraph

But she admitted that it was a relief for her to finally be out because she was expecting to be expelled sooner.

She said: "It's a relief to go out and it's so nice to take a hot shower with my own toiletries and to wear something clean that's not been washed in." the creek.

"The problems for me were considerable physical discomfort and hunger. I'm not really designed for outdoor living and I'm not really an outdoors person.

"It was hard to pull off my bra and put it on – I mean, I've got really huge hitches.

"I sometimes felt ambushed by some things. also by tests that suddenly took place late in the evening and not knowing when the food was coming and what we were going to do. "

Anne was happy to be outside

Anne said that she would write a letter to an 11-year-old autistic child who appeared in This Morning after being inspired by her appearance in I'm Celebrity.

But she stopped saying that she wanted to become a figurehead of austerity in the UK.

She added, "I am a bit of a bit of a conflict, on one side I would like to raise awareness and I would like people to know what autists need and what we can do, I learned more about what I can do. " But at the same time, I do not want to be the girl of the posters.

"I did not address the subject in the camp until someone asked me the question.I was more than happy to talk about it by myself." did not want to be the only one to go there oh I would like you to know that I have this interesting condition and you must all deal with it ".

I'm Celebrity is airing tonight at 9pm on ITV

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