‘I Don't Trust In Guys': Unionists who agree to adopt a Aim at Big Tech t


“No, it's not true,” replied Mr Sutton.

The Representative focused on Joe Neguse, Colorado Democrat.

He said that not only is Facebook the largest social network in the world, but that the third, fourth and sixth classifications are Facebook properties – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Mr. Neguse, and headed by the top four players in the market, that he spoke from himself. “We have a word for that,” he said. “It's called a monopoly.” T

Earlier in the day, in the hearing about Facebook's criptocurrency project, Libra, David Marcus's creators came up on top.

The project has a major goal: to offer another financial system that allows money to be put around the world with very few fees. But the company has a counterpart resistance from Washington, including the White House.

The initiative is far from the first such effort. The criptocurrency, Bitcoin is best known in wide circulation, and introduced the idea of ​​digital currencies that are free from government control.

However, Libra has made an attempt at cryptosphere and added to the voices of critics who say that the technology has little value over speculative investment and illegal transactions, such as online drug sales. Last week, chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome H. Powell, said Libra pulled “serious concerns” about “money laundering, consumer protection and financial stability”. Trump and Steven Mnuchin, secretary of other currencies treasury last week.


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