In Ireland, a coalition government with new contours

Finally, Micheal Martin takes on the role of Taoiseach – the designation of the Prime Minister in Ireland. It was a long way for the centrist leader of the party Fianna Fail, several times minister since 1997 – of education, health, companies, foreign affairs – and a time tipped for the post of head of government, before the crisis of 2008 goes through there and sweeps away his ambitions, excluding him since from any executive function.

Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in the same boat

During an extraordinary session of the Parliament, Saturday June 27, this son of boxer became, at almost 60 years, the successor of Leo Varadkar, leader of Fine Gael, the other center-right party in Ireland. Brother centrist enemies – the rivalry of their parties dates back to the civil war of 1922-1923 – so here are these two figures of Irish political life in the same boat, partners of a coalition with an unprecedented profile and functioning.

Micheal Martin will be at the head of the government until December 2022. He will then give up his place to Leo Varadkar, for the following 18 months.

Four and a half months after elections which came to upset the Irish political landscape by placing the nationalists of Sinn Féin (left) in the lead, with 24.5% of the votes, their two parties needed, to reach the parliamentary majority of 80 seats in Dublin, the support of twelve Greens deputies They obtained it, Friday, June 26, following internal votes among members of the Green Party.

A risky bet for the Greens

This alliance with the center right is a risky bet for the latter, who had already participated in a coalition with the Fianna Fail in 2007, before withdrawing, four years later, and finding himself permanently erased from the political chessboard. Nine years later, leader of the Greens, Eamon Ryan, invokes the ” sense of responsibility “, committing to “Do everything he can” to get the country’s economy back on its feet, but also “Restore biodiversity and stop the madness that will result from climate change”.

The Greens should have three ministers. They managed to put into the government’s program the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 7% each year until 2030. Other ambitions of the Green Party: an increase in the carbon tax, a budget of 360 million euros per year allocated to bicycle paths and pedestrian spaces, or even the abandonment of gas research projects offshore.

The 107-page document which seals the agreement between the three parties also provides for the creation of 50,000 social housing units and a referendum on the right to housing. The retirement age, at the heart of many debates in the country, would finally be maintained at 66 years.


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