In Veneto from tomorrow ok move second houses and boats – Veneto

New ordinance, you can move throughout the region

It is allowed in Veneto individual movement throughout the regional territory to go to the second owned houses or moored boats outside the Municipality of residence for maintenance and repair. The new ordinance announced today by President Luca Zaia provides for this. With regard to these standards, the regulations will come into force at 6 am tomorrow.

In the same ordinance it is expected that it will be allowed individual movement for physical activity and in the open air, even by bicycle throughout the territory of the municipality of residence, with the obligation to avoid gatherings and to respect the distance of one meter, with mask and gloves and ensuring hygiene.

“I say that you could and should make more effort. I don’t have it with the scientific committee, I don’t say that you are not right. We know how to do things perfectly, but then there are experiences that help to find a balance situation “. This was stated by the President of Veneto Luca Zaia. “We know that eating can hurt – he added – but it’s not that we have to starve. We can’t make guinea pigs, we also have to live. It would be like saying we close the roads because there are accidents. The scientist will have his say, that we must close everything, that you have to go around with diving suits, but in the end it is up to us to find a condition of balance, not political but of sustainability “.