In Venezuela, an interfaith council to face the social crisis

The idea was launched at a meeting in November 2019 bringing together representatives of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV), the Evangelical Council, the Adventist Church, the Jewish Community, the Confederation of the Union of Christian churches, the Anglican Church and the Council of Historical Churches of Caracas.

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It was a question, as the press release published on Wednesday April 22, explained, of looking together ” solutions which contribute to the common good and to peace, which make possible trust where there is precariousness, hope where there is only fatality, life instead of death and the destruction

This project materialized on April 22 with the creation of an Interfaith Social Council, intended to reconcile the country. ” This structure of reflection and action based on plurality, we read in this press release, wants to generate consensus and alleviate the serious problems of our society which undermine the essential value of the family and the sense of community, and which weaken democratic institutions

Rebuild the country

This interreligious social council wants to be ” a space of communion for all religious, political and social actors without exclusion, continues the document, who wish to work together for the good of Venezuelans, practicing social justice, equity, mutual respect, tolerance and respect for freedoms ” So many virtues which are ” the basis of good political action

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In fact, the country’s very serious difficulties, which have already caused the mass emigration of more than four million Venezuelans, have worsened in the past two months with the global Covid-19 crisis and the humanitarian emergency.

In this sense, Christian and Jewish leaders set out in seven points their commitment to this Council, with the aim of helping Venezuelan society to cope with the emergency, to find peace and to begin the reconstruction of the country.

Faced with the enormous challenges facing the country, this Interfaith Council also wants to help ” strengthen collective efforts and cohesion between the different sectors of the country

Such joint work should bring, according to the document, ” signs of peace and reconciliation and encouragement for a reconstruction of Venezuela in a spirit of participation and solidarity


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