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Indonesia Experience April 2023 Total Solar Eclipse, Are You Watching It Anywhere?


On April 20 next year, almost all regions of Indonesia will be able to see it solar eclipse. Some areas along the totality path, will even experience a total solar eclipse (GMT).

A solar eclipse is a natural event when the moon passes between Earth and the sun. The existence of this phenomenon causes blurring of the Earth’s view of the sun, either totally or partially.

Leaving Bosscha ITB, while in the phase of a total solar eclipse, the nocturnal animals will behave more alert. The atmosphere will be quiet when the birds stop singing and the chickens and other animals are ready for bed.

The total GMT in 2023 will reach 1 minute 14 seconds at a point in the position, which is about 51 kilometers southeast of the island of Timor. So which areas could witness a total solar eclipse in Indonesia next year?

Regions that can witness the total solar eclipse of 2023

Narrow bands extending GMT will pass through a group of islands southwest of the Banda Sea. Thus, according to the download of the Bosscha Observatory social network, where the public can watch the total solar eclipse 2023 in Indonesia are:

  • Kisar Island: 1 minute 5 seconds
  • Redstone: 39 seconds
  • Both: 58 seconds
  • Roswar: 57 seconds
  • Karas Island: 1 minute 7 seconds

Is it dangerous to watch a solar eclipse?

During the total eclipse phase, seeing it in person is not harmless. Seeing a direct eclipse is actually very dangerous when it’s in partial phase or the sun’s disk begins to appear when the total phase ends. Therefore, it is necessary to use safety equipment before the total phase is completed.

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In addition, it is advisable not to look directly at the sun. Exposure to high intensity light for a long time can damage the retina, which has sensitive nerves.

The retina of the eye has no pain sensor. Therefore, when a person watches high-intensity light, he tends to ignore it and does not realize that his eyes are in danger.

Eye damage in the form of blurred vision can occur within a few hours or weeks. However, please note that permanent damage to the blind can also occur.

If you want to observe a solar eclipse directly, it must be ensured that the tool used has a special solar filter. Actually, the safest way is the projection method.

It should be noted that sunglasses, photographic film, x-ray film are not safe to see the sun.

After solar eclipse 2023, Indonesia can witness this natural phenomenon again on July 22, 2028. The total path will pass through the South Sea Java Island. In addition, this event can also be seen as a partial solar eclipse with a portion of the sun covered by 30-93 percent.

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