Jordina and the blue-throated gourd

Text: Jaume Prat i Pons | Illustrations: Quim Paredes and Baulida

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The legend says that the inhabitants of a small town built a high tower that dominated the whole region to prevent the attacks of a fierce beast: a winged dragon, who was said to inhabit the blue throats, and who, from time to time he would get out of his den, fly to the village, and take a cow, a sheep, or a pig from some poor farmer to satiate his hunger.

This was one of the reasons why no one in the village dared approach the mysterious blue puddle, a name entirely suited to the deep blue of sea in its deep waters. The same legend also says that, many years ago, one day, a poor clueless farmer went to the blue puddle with a cart pulled by two cows, and when he encountered the dragon, he and his cart fell into their deep waters and nothing was ever heard of either the farmer, the wagon, or the cows.

Jordina, the naughty daughter of one of the village’s cow and pig ranchers, had heard this story many times in the mouth of her grandfather, and because of her curiosity for the blue-throated gorilla, she had never dared to approach. -she Every day after school, he would help his parents on the farm and at home. Most of all he liked to milk the cows and, moreover, to take care of the newborn calves and piglets. It wasn’t the job of her life. As a grown-up she wanted to be an aviator, nothing to do with cows and pigs, but since she was so fond of animals, her farm work was effortless.

April had arrived and Jordina was looking forward to St. George’s Day so she could buy a bunch of books about dragons and princesses, her favorite reading subject. But a few days earlier, one night, a loud noise and the desperate “muuuuuuuuuuu” of a cow woke her up. He looked out the window and saw nothing. In the morning, however, his father noticed that two cows were missing. When he reported the robbery to the Civil Guard, the latter told him that in recent days other farmers had also stolen cows, sheep and pigs, and despite proper investigations found no clue who the thief or thieves could be.

It was then that Jordina remembered the legend of the blue gorg dragon, so often told by his grandfather. “What if the dragon is back and it’s him?” He wondered. And without saying anything to anyone, he set off for the pool. Although the carriageway that was on it was badly damaged for so many years, it didn’t take long for anyone to get there. And he saw her, a few feet below, a large pool of clear blue water like the sea. The whole place seemed to come out of a fairy tale. He hid behind some branches, and he waited and waited.

“Chof! Chof! Chof!” Suddenly, Jordina saw him. He rubbed his eyes because he couldn’t believe it, but there he was, it was real: a big dragon bathing in the pool. Without thinking, he got out of his hiding place, grabbed a pole, ran low, and planted himself by the water.

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– Hey dragon !!!! Where are my cows? She asked, shouting loudly as he threatened her with the long pole of his spear, “You must have already swallowed them.” Bad beast!

– Your cows? – answered her a feminine and honeyed voice – I do not know. And by the way, I’m not a beast, I’m a viper, a dragon nut. And I don’t eat meat, I’m vegan, I only eat fruits and vegetables from my vegetable garden. What do you think, I’m like the dragons of stories?

– Well … if you didn’t steal our cows, who was it?

– Ah! Well, look at the cows, I can help you the same way – the viper answered as he came out of the water and fluttered his wings – For several days now I have heard cows’ noises in the cave behind this little hill. , pigs and sheep. Do you want us to look at it? Get on my back!

Jordina, determined, mounted on the back of the vitreous one, it was gotten strong where it could beautifully as it unfolded its wings, and they flew to the other side of the hill. They had not yet landed when they saw it. Two men unloaded a couple of pigs from a truck and pulled them into a dark cave where the mixed shouts of a bunch of animals came from.

When the men left the cave, the viper, with Jordina on his neck, plummeted in the direction of the two thieves before he could get on the truck. He opened his mouth wide and made a frightening shriek as he let out a few small fireballs that hit one of the wheels of the vehicle, busting the tire. The two men, terrified, rushed off to help me abandoning animals and trucks.

Jordina descended from the ridge on the ridge and ran to the cave to release all the animals to her home. He thought his father would already know what to do with them.

– Thank you very much, dear! And don’t worry, I’ll never talk to you about anyone. It will be our secret – Jordina told the wizard.

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When her father saw her coming with that herd of cows, sheep, and pigs, he hurried to give her a big hug. He then warned the Civil Guard to search for all the stolen livestock and return it to their owners. Of course, Jordina didn’t say a word in the glass.

On St. George’s Day, in the afternoon, Jordina went to the Blue Bowl to visit her new friend, the witch, and show her the three books she had bought. The water of the pool had its characteristic blue color, but the glass was nowhere. Shouted and shouted at her, but nothing.

When he was leaving, he saw her. Near the water was a gorgeous red rose, the prettiest she had ever seen, and next to her was a small note that said, “Happy saint’s day.”

Now Jordina is old, she is flying planes and she is the mother of a beautiful girl, but every year, for Saint George, she goes back to the blue pool and every year she finds a beautiful rose next to the water. red, the nicest thing there is, with the same note on the side. This year 2020, however, was a little different, Jordina couldn’t go to the blue pool to find her rose because of the confinement we all suffer from a very bad virus, and she had to settle for staying go home and read the tale of the blue gorg with its daughter.

Download the story in pdf format


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