Khalessi was Hitler


The totalitarian ghosts that travel the world found room in the series of series. If someone wanted to find a political reading, in the end he found it, but it was not what was expected. The chain breaker was actually a fascist leader or the reflection of a communist dystopia, which leads us to think about the charismatic role that those who yearn to win over the people with lustrous dragons and before whom we can fall without realizing. "The more I know the man, the more I love my dog." Let's eliminate dog by dragon and find the answer.

The creators of the series and Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys, have confessed that the speech before that mass of immaculate faceless is inspired by the harangues of Hitler in Nuremberg. It has something of unsettling premonition that the blonde queen has been one of the favorite characters for the "fans", the anonymous and the public: from Pablo Iglesias to Inés Arrimadas, all believed to see in it only what it promised, but already said it Führer: "With humanity and democracy the peoples have never been liberated".

Like Hitler, and many others who take us to Spain today, Daenerys defends the echoes of a glorious past in the face of a catastrophic present. Populism, independence, here that everyone agrees. Culture warns of the end of culture. The bibliography begins to swell, for example, "Instructions to become a fascist", the ironic sentence converted into a book by Michela Murgia (Planet).

In the magnificent staging of the last chapter echoes of "The triumph of the will" of Leni Riefensthal, the brilliant and odd filmmaker of National Socialism. Close-ups. An immense esplanade in which the army demonstrates its power. Political leaders bought the merchandise: "Before God and the world, the strongest has the right to make his will prevail" Hitler shouted, but before he also opted for the "possibilist" way: "Instead of working to get power to Through an armed blow, we must cover our noses and enter the Parliament. " Will it have something to do with what happens in Congress? The worst thing is that the reality is not a television series although it seems that we live in one of them.

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